Nov 9, 2022
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The King of England was pelted with eggs


The heir to the throne, Charles III, was greatly humiliated.

The heir of Elizabeth II suffered a terrible humiliation during today’s visit to York. Charles III was booed by ill-wishers, and then pelted with eggs. Either the violators have problems with accuracy, or they were afraid to cause real harm to the king, but in the end they did not hit the target. The eggs “whisped” next to the monarch, almost ending up on the head of a local police officer who accompanied Charles.

The thrower was immediately detained by the police, but before that he managed to shout out his claims to the king. He justified his audacious act with a political slogan.

This country was built on the blood of slaves”, NBC quoted the man who attacked the king.

Karl, it is worth noting, did not show that something out of the ordinary had happened. However, given his quick temper and bad temper, one can be sure that one of his security personnel will lose his job. It is unlikely that the king will put up with such public humiliation. Most likely, after the incident, he will strengthen the security regime and set the condition that in the future no more eggs, tomatoes, or any other food products fly in his direction.

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