May 6, 2022
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The kids got to the white paint and plunged mom into big losses in five minutes

children got to the white paintHayley Kidd made sure that it doesn’t take too long for kids to put on a grand hooligan.

children got to the white paint

A resident of North Yorkshire (England) renovates the kitchen, but the repairs cost much more than planned.

children got to the white paint

After making sure that the children (four-year-old Bonnie and one-year-old Harry) were playing peacefully, the mother of the family went up to the second floor of the house to visit the toilet. Hailey swears she was gone for five minutes, but even that was enough time for the kids to sneak into the kitchen and get to the bucket of white paint.

children got to the white paint

Bonnie and Harry both smeared themselves and smeared all the surfaces, and the girl used a ladle to make it more convenient to spray the paint. Now the woman had to fork out an additional £700 to replace the oven, deep fryer, microwave and even electrical outlets.

children got to the white paint

After some time, the mother of young hooligans managed to look at the tragedy with humor, but at that moment she was very unhappy, which she told the children about. However, Hayley did not punish the mischievous people and even strongly scold them, not seeing the point in this – what’s done is done.

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