Dec 28, 2020
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The jury acquitted doctors Belaya and Sushkevich, accused of murdering a premature baby

Thundering all over the country, the “case of doctors” Belaya and Sushkevich began in November 2018 after the death of a premature baby. The resuscitation team, which included Sushkevich, was called in to provide medical advice and transfer the child to the perinatal center. However, the baby was not saved.

The Investigative Committee put forward a version of the death of the child due to the negligence of Elena Belaya. Allegedly, by her order, Sushkevich injected the child with a lethal dose of magnesium sulfate, after which she entered data on stillbirth into the birth history so as not to spoil the statistics of the medical institution. In June 2019, the investigators accused the doctors of organizing the premeditated murder of a child (paragraph 3 of Article 33 and paragraph “c” of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), and Sushkevich – also of murder (paragraph “c” of Part No. 2 article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). She faced life imprisonment. For almost two years, both women were under house arrest, and doctors across the country carried out actions in support of them.

The criminal investigation ended on November 20. Today, December 10, the jury issued an acquittal, reports the portal The doctors did not admit their guilt.

“I didn’t murder a child, I didn’t inject magnesia into him, and no one asked me to do this,” said Elina Sushkevich. – Child Akhmedov is a child with extreme body weight. I gave him all the help he needed. Death came because of the condition he had. “

Further trial will continue without a jury. In the coming days, an acquittal will be issued on the basis of their verdict.

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