Jan 8, 2021
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The joke with a fake marriage proposal was considered by many to be cruel

earrings instead of a ring as a giftHannah Luck of the USA, who posted this video on the Internet, received a lot of responses.

earrings instead of a ring as a gift

The footage shows how the girl’s beloved, with whom she has been dating for many years, got down on one knee and handed a box to Hannah, who burst into tears of happiness.

earrings instead of a ring as a gift

It just turned out that the boyfriend decided to joke, and in the box there was not a wedding ring at all, but a pair of stud earrings. That is, the man did not think about the marriage proposal, but simply gave his beloved a Christmas present. Many viewers considered this joke too cruel. People vied with each other to advise Hannah to break up with the joke lover.

earrings instead of a ring as a gift

However, our heroine calmed her passions. She admitted that the video was filmed a year ago, last Christmas. Hannah forgave her beloved for the joke, because now they are actually engaged and preparing for the wedding.

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