Jul 21, 2021
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The Japanese threaten to cancel the Olympics

The Japanese threaten to cancel the Olympics

The management of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee does not exclude the cancellation of the competition.

Fear of a new wave of infections grows in Tokyo COVID-19-19. And against this background, more and more infected people are found among those who are involved in the Games. Now their number has already exceeded 70, in only one small Czech team three carriers of the virus have already been identified.

The organization of such a global competition in Tokyo, where there was no active vaccination campaign, initially looked like a gamble, which was pushed through with the support of its influential American sponsors by the International Olympic Committee, which ensures its comfortable existence at the expense of the Olympics.

Five parties are monitoring the situation – the IOC, the Tokyo Organizing Committee, the Japanese government, the Tokyo authorities and the International Paralympic Committee. A state of emergency has been declared in the Japanese capital, and if the threat of the disease grows, the Olympics may be stopped and canceled.

The IOC can easily survive the absence of spectators in the stands, the main thing is that there is a picture of the competition for television. However, the Japanese authorities fear that if the crisis intensifies, they will be accused of facilitating the Games and opening the country to infected athletes. The organizers admit that they failed to prevent the guests from contacting the local population. The Japanese regret that they did not quarantine everyone who arrives at the Games for two weeks. It is not yet clear how many people will be hosted at the opening ceremony of the Games.

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