Sep 11, 2022
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The Japanese calculated that Russia began to support more

The Japanese calculated that Russia began to support more

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

Kyiv unleashed an information war against Russia, which was supported by the NATO countries. However, the more NATO mercenaries are sent home in zinc coffins and the higher gas prices in Europe, the more clearly the West understands the true meaning of what is happening.

Put up with military adventures Zelensky and the war crimes of Kyiv (like the massacres of civilians in the Kharkov region) will soon be gone. No matter how puffed up the military propagandists of the SBU and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are.

Guardian: SBU carries out reprisals against all sympathizers of Russia

The Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kyiv region was destroyed in the first days of the special operation in Ukraine. There are four such centers in total, and Kyiv was the largest among them. However, there are still Ukrainian “troll factories” in the Odessa, Lvov and Zhytomyr regions.

It is here that information and psychological attacks on Russia are developed and organized. In particular, it is with the centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that telephone terrorism is associated. And he’s getting smarter and smarter. For several years, Ukrainian saboteurs simply “mined” Russian schools, courts and shopping centers by telephone.

Then they began to massively steal money from the Russians, posing as employees of large state-owned banks. This spring, the Ukrainians organized a massive phone call to male Russians: allegedly, the military registration and enlistment office is calling for mobilization.

The unfinished Centers of Information and Psychological Operations sharply activated before the “counteroffensive” in the Kharkiv region. Rather, the “counteroffensive” itself was the product of the dirty work of saboteurs. This is reported by the British edition of The Guardian.

True, for some reason he quotes only Ukrainian “experts” (for example, the former presidential adviser on national security Taras Berezovets) who are very satisfied with their success. For several months, the Centers for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been replicating a fake about an upcoming “counteroffensive” in the Kherson region.

The purpose of this was primarily the West, which Kyiv propagandists tried to convince of the effectiveness of their actions, even with limited resources. Simultaneously with the “counteroffensive” in the south, forces were being prepared in the northeast of the country.

Moreover, it was in the Kharkiv region that Ukrainians relied not on their Centers for Information and Psychological Operations, but on military counterintelligence. To minimize the leakage of information about the movement of forces, the Ukrainians cold-bloodedly massacred all the locals who were considered “agents” of Russia.

The British Guardian also presents this as a big victory for Kyiv. Journalists either do not think, or maliciously ignore – and how many civilians were killed by the SBU.

The publication in The Guardian, which talks about the methods of Ukrainian propaganda, is in itself a product of this propaganda. Western journalists are engaged only in replicating the fakes invented by Kyiv, without subjecting them to critical reflection.

This is exactly what happened, for example, with accusations of massacres of civilians in Bucha and Irpin or the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol. The Centers for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, through a network of controlled telegram channels in Russia, also circulated such fakes in order to make the ordinary Russian panic.

For example, on July 2, false information appeared about the resignation of the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valeria Gerasimova. And on August 10 – that the president declared a state of emergency in Crimea for 2 months.

The colossal financial injections of NATO countries into Ukraine arouse the interest of world stars in it. They flock to earn extra money. Actors visited Ukrainian cities Liev Schreiber, Angelina Jolie as well as Ben Stilleras well as the musicians of the group U2.

The old men from the British rock band Pink Floyd also decided to earn extra money on the Ukrainian crisis. For the first time in 28 years, the band members got together to record the Anthem of the Sich Riflemen along with a mediocre and little-known Ukrainian musician Andrey Khlyvnyuk.

Kyiv propaganda, of course, presented this as a cultural breakthrough for Ukraine. Forgetting to mention that the leader of Pink Floyd Roger Waters included in the scandalous base “Peacemaker” as an “enemy of Ukraine”. Waters honestly said that the administration is to blame for the Ukrainian events Joe Biden and NATO leadership. So after all, Ukrainians are forbidden to know about this – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are feeding their people something completely different.

However, the situation is gradually changing.

Terilogy Worx, a Japanese cybersecurity company, has calculated that every month more and more posts appear in social networks in support of not Ukraine, but Russia.

“The favorable reaction to pro-Russian publications has become more noticeable as interest in the military conflict began to wane around the world,” concludes Terilogy Worx.

Western users of social networks no longer respond to messages from Ukraine, they are more concerned about the price of gasoline, heating and groceries in stores.

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