Jan 7, 2021
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The January 6 Uprising When America Almost Dissolved

In the photo: Donald Trump's supporters on the steps of the Capitol in Washington

In the photo: Donald Trump’s supporters on the steps of the Capitol in Washington (Photo: AP Photo TASS)

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the invasion of the Capitol, while Congress was in session, in the electoral confirmation debate, was an attempt to stop the transfer of power Biden or an attempt to stop the discussion itself – at a time when evidence of fraud would be presented to legislators?

The attack ended the debate, which was broadcast live on television.

The legislators were evacuated.

We do know that a few months ago Antifa issued memoranda to its members to appear at rallies. Exchangeposing as supporters of the president, wearing appropriate clothing so that when Antifa creates problems and perpetrates violence, Trumpists would be blamed for these actions.

I’m not saying that all the people who broke through to the Capitol today were from Antifa, but their members could go ahead, stirring up anger and moving at the head of hundreds of people who were tearing down barriers and crushing the police.

Shortly before the invasion, C-Span aired one Senator’s rebuttal of the speech Mitch McConnell… McConnell ran one of those sleek, cliché-riddled presentations, arguing that there was no evidence of fraud on a scale that would have canceled the election. His main (irrelevant) argument was that the courts found no reason to rule against Biden’s victory.

The rebuttal was pretty harsh. Basically, McConnell has been accused of acting as a “ceremonial” performer. And that was just the beginning of today’s action at the Congress. Who knows what the devil could have jumped out of the snuffbox as the day wore on and the people watched?

Vice President Penny – whom the Trumpists have branded as a traitor – actually stated that he will preside over an open joint session of Congress and allow full speeches on vote fraud from states where one senator and one member of Congress have filed objections to the stamping of election certification.

But this process was thwarted by people who broke into the Capitol building.

Instead, we now have continuous media coverage depicting the million protesters in Washington and Trump as destroyers of the nation and “all the values ​​we stand for as Americans …”

I have read and seen reports that Antifa members (from Philadelphia and Tempe *) were inside the Capitol Building. One of the close-ups shows one of the protesters wearing a hammer and sickle tattoo on the wrist. It is said that the Antifa members were taken to Washington the day before the rally.

Obviously, if the attack on the Capitol was a false flag operation, then all the blame for Trump’s supporters paves the way for Biden and his curators to take even more draconian measures against the American people under the heading of “national security.” These measures will be superimposed on top of the COVID quarantine.

The brief shift in viewers’ attention further distracts people from the brutal Antifa riots in US cities over the past six months.

And while the media portrayed the Antifa riots as “mostly peaceful riots,” we can count on months of bombastic statements about Wednesday’s events in Washington.

Biden will become the “smart president” who will restore peace and order.

Trump’s Resistance supporters who refuse to acknowledge Biden’s election will again and again be described as dangerous lunatics.

For the next 20 years, the media will play Wednesday, January 6, 2021, as that dark day when America nearly disintegrated. You can bet that several dozen production companies are already editing footage for “stunning, award-winning” documentaries.

Democrats are feeling a surge of confidence that Trump’s political career is over, as his name will forever be associated with the January 6 Uprising.

In their eyes, this is much better than a physical murder.

On the night of February 27, 1933, a fire broke out in the Reichstag, the German national parliament. A significant part of the building burned down. Many historians claim that this fire was caused by humans. Hitler… But the blame was successfully placed on his main political opponent, the Communist Party. This tactic allowed Hitler to consolidate a much needed missing piece of state power.

Along with the approval and support of IG Farben **, the largest pharmaceutical and chemical cartel in the world, the Reichstag false flag operation gave Hitler control over Germany’s fate.

False flag operations do work.

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Posted by Jon Rappoport – Jon Rappoport – blogs No More Fake News (No more fake news). Was a candidate for the US Congressional elections for the 29th district of California. Nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, worked as an investigative journalist for 30 years, wrote articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin, Stern and other newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe.

Translated by Sergey Dukhanov.

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Published with permission. author

Copyright © John Rappoport

* City in Maricopa County, Arizona.

** it. Farbenindustrie AG Interest Group

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