Jun 21, 2022
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The intention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine becomes clear when they hit our gas platforms: Snake Island is their goal

The intention of the Armed Forces of Ukraine becomes clear when they hit our gas platforms: Snake Island is their goal

Photo: Alexey Pavlyshak/TASS

Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov reported on the missile attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the drilling platforms of Chornomorneftegaz, which are located 71 km from Odessa. According to him, at the time of arrival, 109 people were working on the towers. The strongest blow fell on BK-1. “There were 12 people there, five of them were wounded, the search for the rest continues,” Sergey Valeryevich said.

From the Ukrainian side, the people’s deputy was the first to tell about the attack on the Chornomorneftegaz BP Alexey Goncharenko. In his telegram channel, he wrote: “Our rocket men did not smoke near Zmeinoye, but smoked near Boyko towers. The missile attack on the towers has slightly interfered with gas production in the Ukrainian Black Sea by the Russians.”

In fact, Goncharenko, as usual in the “square”, went crazy. According to insider hands that literally “flow” from the president’s office Zelenskythe missile attack on Chernomorneftegaz in the Black Sea was a distraction.

The main blow of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was supposed to be inflicted precisely on the Zmeiny, which became a curse for the Ze-team. Everything that the South command had at that time was involved: missiles, drones and even attack aircraft.

On the morning of June 20, the patriots of Ukraine began to disperse the news about a new victory: “Dozens of explosions thundered on Zmeiny Island, a fire broke out. Eyewitnesses talk about rockets flying towards the island. We are waiting for official confirmation.”

However, in the report of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the morning of June 20, nothing was said about the night attack on Serpentine. It was only reported that “in the waters of the Black and Azov Seas, enemy ship groups concentrate their main efforts on blocking civilian navigation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.”

As independent truth-hunters say on Facebook*, “there was an attack, but it did not bring results due to the strengthened defense of the island.” In particular, the blogger rezident_ua spoke about this, who earlier, citing sources in the OP, warned: “The Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing an operation to liberate Snake Island using British MLRS. According to the plans of the General Staff, we must launch missile and artillery strikes on the island, which will be supported from the air by Bayraktar.

Just the day before, the United States released satellite imagery of Zmeinoy, according to which Russia has reinforced its outpost on the island with additional surface-to-air missile systems (SAMs). According to American intelligence, in recent days, new short-range air defense systems “Tor” and “Shell” have appeared on a small patch of land in the Black Sea.

This information is also consistent with the Ukrainian data. Retired Ukrainian Navy Captain Andrey Ryzhenkoone of the widely cited independent experts, a member of the General Staff of the “square”, confirmed the high concentration of Russian ground-based air defense systems on the island.

“The presence of reserve air defense systems on the island allows Russian air defense crews to operate more flexibly while maintaining continuous coverage,” Ryzhenko said. “In addition to increased readiness, more systems means redundancy for maintenance and repairs, as well as more ‘mag capacity’ to avoid running out of missiles in the face of a larger attack.”

According to this expert, at least two Russian air defense systems are continuously monitoring the skies in the Zmeiny area, since American AWACS aircraft flying over Romania 24/7 act as APU electronic intelligence. As soon as our radars “fell silent” for some reason, Viyskovo-Povtryan forces raised their attack aircraft and drones. Now there are no “windows”, so you have to attack in the forehead.

Odessa publics write that the yellow-Blakit bosses began to slowly panic. Speaker of Odessa OVA Sergey Bratchuk admitted that he was very worried about Russian submarines near Zmeinoye. On the one hand, according to him, “surface enemy ships began to keep at a “safe” distance, but on the other hand, “the number of submarines is increasing. At the moment there are three of them in the waters near our region.”

Of course, our troops are also firing missiles from the coast. The Odessa Fraer Internet resource posted a video of the arrival at the Artsyz airfield in the Odessa region, where the Bayraktar UAV control station and two drones were destroyed.

The video is accompanied by a “tender” text: “This is a response from the Odessa military district for attacks on oil rigs. At the moment, 4 hits are known. The same information was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, showing footage of the launch of the Onyx high-precision missile of the Bastion coastal complex.

situation commented the captain of the 1st rank of the reserve, the expert of the “Free Press” Sergey Ishchenko. When asked how real the danger is for the Russian garrison of Zmeinoy, Sergey Gennadievich answered:

– The threat is serious. It is very close to the Ukrainian coast, about 50 km, which means that a small piece of land, with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than 20 hectares, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can easily cover with Western MLRS. But you can’t leave the Snake either. This is the “key” to Odessa.”

“SP”: – Can Serpentine be considered an unsinkable aircraft carrier?

– I think yes. Not just because Kyiv is desperately trying to capture it. The Ukrainians believe that with the help of the Serpentine they will be able to control the western part of the Black Sea and secure maritime transit of both grain for sale and Western weapons to Ukraine. I am sure there will be more attacks, especially since American intelligence monitors our air defenses day and night. There is no doubt that the Ukrofascists use any mistake to the maximum.

“SP”: – Now not only intelligence, but also Western weapons are used. In particular, the American media reported that the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system could easily cover the island. Do our soldiers have reliable protection?

– Something, for sure, they did, but I would not talk about reliable shelter, like concrete bomb shelters. I am sure that they dug trenches and built dugouts, however, this is unlikely to help against a dense attack by attack aircraft and MLRS. If the island does not surrender to us, then all the same, the pluses outweigh the minuses.

“SP”: – News came from Odessa that instead of surface ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation began to use submarines, but Ukrainian coastal missile systems cannot destroy them. Can submarines be used to supply and rotate a garrison?

– People of the submarine, of course, will be delivered and taken away. It is also possible to transport some supplies, but using submarines to fully support the Serpentine is like hammering nails with a microscope. In this regard, the situation, I repeat, is not simple. But the fact that we keep fighters on the island means that the Odessa region is also in the Russian plans for liberation from the Nazis. The enemy knows this and is forced to keep a significant part of his troops in the south, while he needs to transfer reserves to the Donbass.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American multinational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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