Feb 18, 2021
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The inner demons of the zodiac signs

The inner demons of the zodiac signs

Each of us has a dark side of temper, magnified by the inner demons. Astrologers talked about which demons disappear in the representatives of different signs of the zodiac.

Remember that everyone has some flaws, but truly strong people are distinguished by the ability to fight with them and the ability to listen to wise advice. Try to follow ten wise tips to help you make your life and yourself more important.

The main demon of Aries is the demon of excess. These people know no boundaries in work, in rest, in pleasure and entertainment – not simultaneously, but at different stages of life. They simply do not know how to stop when necessary. On the other hand, the desire to take everything and at once can give Aries incredible motivation.

Taurus is very afraid of being alone. They tremble very much that the day will come when everyone around them will turn away from them. Because of this, they are fractionally friends with whom they flew in instead of looking for the best people. Their promiscuity in people sometimes helps them deal with anxiety, but it can be fluid.

The main demon of Gemini is love of freedom. They hate when they are told, when they are being controlled, and when they are limited in some way. This demon requires decisive actions from them. Gemini fractionally reject those who care about them.

Cancers love to gossip and spread rumors. Alkaya, you are unlikely to find out about this and are unlikely to interfere with it. These people don’t even admit to themselves that they like to discuss ringing. With them, you need to be extremely frugal. On the other hand, if you are dear to them, they will never tell anyone about your secrets.

Leos are obsessed with being the most important. This is a healthy pursuit, but sometimes everything goes too far. In this case, Leos forget about everything in the world, focusing only on work, business, success and money.

The main demon of Virgo is perfectionism, which sits inside them and is always looking for some flaws in the work done, in the surrounding things, people. Virgos love it when everything happens on schedule and actually so much as if they predicted. Because of this inner self, they are fractionally disappointed in something.

There is one small flaw in Libra – it’s a demon called “Okay.” Libras often tell themselves this when something bad happens in life, when there are countless difficulties and problems around. These people are optimistic that they are good, but they lose fractionally because of their unwillingness to admit the existence of a problem that requires an urgent solution.

The main demon of Scorpions is vindictiveness. Many say that these are jealous people, but their jealousy often does not go beyond the norm, which is impossible to say about their rancor. Scorpios sometimes frighten even themselves with how well they remember past grievances.

The inner demon of Sagittarius is a tendency to manipulate. Sagittarius know how and love to manipulate at various levels of relationships. They do it so skillfully that the mosquito will not undermine the nose. No one knows about this hidden skill of Streltsov.

Demon Capricorn – distrust. This is what prevents them from boldly finding love, friendship. They tremble that they will be deceived or betrayed. Yeah, they value their time and energy, but often they pay for it with loneliness.

The jealous demon sitting inside these people does not give freedom to those who love them. Many Aquarians are control freaks. They need every day and every minute to be sure that those who love and respect them do not have someone else around them, to whom they look the same way. Aquarians want to be outstanding.

Laziness is the main enemy and the inner demon of Pisces. They can check with him, but they do not always do it. He very fractionally takes the upper hand over them, because of which Pisces can break words and deadlines, become unreliable.

Internal demons are asthenia of people and their main flaws. In addition to flaws, we all have our big sides, which the experts talked about earlier. Develop them so that you can develop into the best version of yourself over time.

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