Sep 11, 2020
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The infamous IK-37 in Kuzbass will be checked because of the VIDEO with a fried pig

The Mariinsky Prosecutor's Office in the Kemerovo Region has begun checking the information published in the media about the banquet during the farewell ceremony for the prisoner from the correctional institution. This was reported by Interfax with reference to the press service of the regional prosecutor's office.

Earlier on the Youtube channel of the project "Siberia Pravovaya" a video was published in which the prisoners of colony N37 allegedly organized a feast in honor of the prisoner being sent to freedom. In the recording, one of the convicts is using a knife to butcher a roasted pig, snacks and bottles of soft drinks are also visible on the table. According to the authors, the recording was made presumably in 2019.

In the ICR of Kuzbass and the Prosecutor's Office of the Kemerovo Region, they announced the beginning of an audit on the fact of publications in the media. The FSIN of Kuzbass does not comment on the situation.

IK-37 in the village of Yaya is considered the most cruel of the colonies of the Kemerovo region. In 2018, the online publication Meduza published terrible information about this colony, where, at the suggestion of the leadership, prisoners were brutally tortured and raped for years with impunity, forcing them to call themselves different animals and forcing them to cooperate with the administration of the colony. Convicts from other "zones" are frightened with her, reports of beatings and torture in IK-37 come regularly, but the inspection bodies do not find any violations.

Thus, a resident of Bashkiria Oksana Khattarova told how her husband Ruslan Kurmangaleev, who was sentenced in December 2012 to 11 years in a maximum security colony for banditry and robbery, was first systematically beaten and tortured in IK-1 in the city of Mariinsk, Kemerovo Region, for several years, and his complaints to the prosecutor's office and the public monitoring commission of the POC of the region led to a transfer to another detachment, which contained "activists" - convicts who collaborated with the leadership of the colony and carried out their instructions. Kurmangaleev subjected him to torture and sexual violence, and then forced to write a rejection of the statements and complaints he had written earlier. Since then, he was subjected to daily beatings and violence in the colony, and on March 28, 2018, he wounded one of his tormentors by pulling out a knife from him, after which he was sent to IK-37.

There he was beaten by several officers, including the head of the colony, Yevgeny Ovcharov, the deputy chief for security and operational work, Sergei Tolkanov, and two other officers, and then, under threat of rape, ordered him to wash the toilet, after which he was sent to spend 10 days in a punishment cell.

Kurmangaleev's wife, who visited her husband, said that prisoners in IK-37 when moving around the colony are presented not by their last name, as is customary everywhere, but by the names of various animals, pictures of which are in the breast pocket of each convict. Kurmangaleev tried to convey the complaints through his spouse, but they were taken away from the colony under threat of violence: the regional prosecutor's office and the Federal Penitentiary Service carried out checks in IK-37 and found no violations.

Residents of the village of Yaya said that all appeals are useless - instead of checks, some of the prisoners' relatives are threatened, and those who write complaints from the colony are tortured even more. The lawyer of two convicts sent to this colony died in an accident under strange circumstances, and her clients were accused of false denunciation.

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