Apr 30, 2021
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The income of ordinary fighters of the UFC is called

The income of athletes in the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) has been announced. Reported by Republicworld with a link to the MMA Manifesto.

The data for the fees of the promotion fighters in 2020 was taken as a basis. Thus, more than 200 athletes (36 percent of the entire UFC roster) received less than 45 thousand dollars for participating in fights. Approximately the same number of athletes earned over 100 thousand dollars for their performances. The MMA Manifesto also cites the salary of an ordinary fighter for the promotion, which is 147 thousand dollars per performance.

On April 25, YouTube star Jake Paul reached out to UFC head Dana White. The blogger said that he earned tens of millions of dollars for boxing fights, while the UFC fighters, according to Paul, are not paid extra.

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