Feb 21, 2021
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The importance of suspension profiles for a quality ceiling installation

The importance of suspension profiles for a quality ceiling installation

For a high-quality installation of a false ceiling, you must choose good suspension profiles.

For the installation of ceiling structures to be carried out more quickly and reliably, you should choose high-quality suspension profiles. From these profiles, in the future, a strong frame is created, where ceiling plates, lamps, ventilation equipment are placed. Basically, a profile for a suspended ceiling is made of a durable alloy, which must comply with fire and sanitary standards. You can choose equipment according to individual preferences in shape and color.

Basic types of suspension profiles

  • The most common option is a wall angle. This type is usually mounted along a given perimeter of the room, close to the ceiling slab.
  • Carrying profile with a typical standard length of 3.7 m. The transverse profiles are connected to each other thanks to the provided locking holes for stable fastening. During installation, the profile should be fixed to the wall corner.
  • Long transverse profile. The peculiarity of this profile is that there is no provision for the transverse connection of several profiles in a row. The installation uses the perpendicular technology of adjoining this type of profile to the bearing type. The maximum length is 120 cm.
  • Transverse short profile. The length of such a profile corresponds to half of the long one, within 60 cm. Can be installed in long transverse views.
The importance of suspension profiles for a quality ceiling installation

Characteristics of the installation of suspension profiles

During the installation of suspension profiles, experts strive to create a frame box with square cells. Basically, a frame of 60/60 cm is used. This standard size is suitable for fixing ceiling tiles, lamps, ventilation plates. The further stability of these fasteners depends on the strength and stability of the created frame. Therefore, it is necessary to use exclusively reliable materials for the durability of the structure.

Where can you buy quality equipment?

It is recommended to purchase profiles only from reliable manufacturers from trusted suppliers. Most online stores offer to purchase profiles and accessories at affordable prices. One of the demanded online stores of materials for false ceilings is City-S. This company offers customers affordable prices, a wide range of products and the ability to purchase goods wholesale or retail.

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