Jan 24, 2021
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The illegitimate son of Boris Grachevsky, who died from coronavirus, said that he did not claim his inheritance

10:23, 01.24.2021

The director did not recognize his son during his lifetime.

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Boris Grachevsky passed away on January 14 this year in the hospital. He was 71 years old. The director did not regain consciousness after the doctors put him into a state of medical coma for the second time. The creator and artistic director of Yeralash got to the hospital at the end of last year. Then he was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

Boris Yuryevich has four children from three wives. All of them, after his death, can claim the director’s inheritance. According to Alena Kravets, the head of Yeralash could also have illegitimate children, whom he did not declassify. According to the model and singer, during his lifetime Grachevsky hinted to her about this in their conversations. As it turned out, the director really has an illegitimate son. His name, like his eldest son Boris, is Maxim… Krasikov is 36 years old. His mother Tatiana is an employee of the Eaglet camp, with whom the creator of Yeralash had a short romance.

Maxim and Tatiana Krasikov

According to Maxim, Grachevsky was the only man in his mother’s life. She gave birth to her beloved man, but the director categorically refused to recognize the child. “He never helped me. I was not worried that I did not communicate with my father. I have such a gorgeous mother that she did everything so that I would not worry about anything, ”said Maxim. He spoke with his father once, in his distant childhood. However, Krasikov came to the funeral of his father. “I’m grateful for what happened. He gave me good genetics, brains, ”said the director’s illegitimate son.

Maxim is in the restaurant business. However, according to reports, he does not conduct it entirely honestly. Thus, the journalists learned that a criminal case was opened against Grachevsky’s son under the article “Fraud”, and that he also had millions in debts. But Maxim himself denies everything. “This information is inaccurate. The story is not connected with me, “- said Maxim. He noted that he did not apply for the inheritance of the famous father and is not going to do so. “He has a wonderful boy – a son who should get everything. This is obvious, “- said Maxim in a conversation with the journalists of the program” You won’t believe! “.

Director’s girlfriend Larissa Pretoriusstated that she had asked Boris Grachevsky five times to establish communication with her son, but he answered her so that she would not provoke a conflict. Larisa also addressed this question to the director’s widow. Ekaterina BelotserkovskayaNow Maxim has already become a father himself. Mom Tatiana in her microblog on Instagram shares his family pictures with his wife and daughter.

Maxim Krasikov with his wife and daughter

Recall that Boris Grachevsky was married three times. With the first wife Galina the director lived together for almost 35 years. During this time, they had two children: Maxim and Ksenia… By the way, the eldest daughter is offended by her father because he once left her mother and went to another woman. Ksenia did not even come to say goodbye to her father, which took place on January 17 in Moscow.

Second marriage with Anna the head of Yeralash concluded in 2010, and already in 2014 they announced a divorce. In 2012, their daughter Vasilisa was born. Grachevsky married for the third time in 2016. In his last interview, the director spoke warmly about Yekaterina Belotserkovskaya and stated that with her he “opened the door to heaven and closed it from the other side.” In the spring of 2020, they had a son Philip

Boris Grachevsky with his son Philip

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