Dec 28, 2020
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The idle moon, or the moon without a course: what is it

The idle moon, or the moon without a course: what is it

There is such a thing as the Moon without a course. It is also sometimes called the idle moon. Astrologers told what it means and how it is necessary to behave during such periods.

The moon greatly affects people’s luck and health. The more you know about this influence, the easier it is for you to plan things and get around trouble. An idle moon can be dangerous despite its short duration.

If you follow the lunar calendar, then you know that the night star is constantly moving from one Sign to another. But it so happens that the Moon passes from one house of the horoscope to another, and at the same time the planets and stars do not affect it in any way. This is the Moon without a course. This state can last for several hours or several days. The latter option is very rare.

At the same time, the mood of the night luminary does not correspond to its position at all. This corrects events. In such periods, all matters are in limbo, because one period has passed, and the other has not yet come. People in such periods of time find themselves in free swimming.

An idle Moon confuses individuals and even entire groups – families, states, companies. During such periods, a person should be able to adapt to the situation. You need to show flexibility of mind and not rush to conclusions and decision-making: during the Moon without a course, incoming information is often distorted, people often lie, and something not entirely clear is happening around. Very often during the idle moon, people receive information that will not be useful to them in the future.

At such moments, plans are thwarted, people are late. New ideas appear that are actually useless and can only destroy stability and lead to losses. During the idle moon, it is better to double check documents and count money without leaving the cash register.

The moon without a course appears only on those days when the night star changes its Sign. For each region and place in the world, the Moon without a course is calculated differently. Because of this, you should be careful on the days when the Moon should change its Sign. In those couple of minutes, until the night star has not determined its position in the zodiacal circle, many unforeseen and unpleasant events can occur.

Remember that no matter how big the problem and no matter how difficult this or that day may be, a powerful conspiracy against bad luck will always help you to get on the path of luck. The experts wish you every day and a fair wind.

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