Sep 4, 2022
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The IAEA will leave – will nuclear terrorism continue?

In the photo: Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi (second from right) during a visit to the Zaporozhye NPP

In the photo: Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi (second from right) during a visit to the Zaporozhye NPP (Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS)

The physical integrity of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was violated several times, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said after the inspection Rafael Grossi.

“Obviously, the station and its physical integrity were violated several times, we do not have the necessary elements to give an assessment, accidentally or intentionally,” the head of the agency said.

He also announced the extension of the visit to ZNPP until September 4 or 5

“There are two groups of technical experts from the IAEA. One group will work at ZNPP until 4 or 5 September to assess the situation. They must formulate the first questions, the first data, give a preliminary assessment, and then they will prepare a report,” he explained.

In addition, according to the permanent representative of Russia to international organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanovtwo members of the IAEA mission will remain at the station on a permanent basis.

Earlier, Grossi said that during the mission to the ZNPP he had the opportunity to communicate with the staff and residents of Energodar. He also added that a group of experts inspected the emergency systems at the station, diesel generators and other facilities.

Kremlin official Dmitry Peskov called positive the fact of the arrival of the mission of the international organization despite all the difficulties that have arisen.

“In general, we are very positive about the fact that, despite all the difficulties and problems, including those related to the provocative actions of the Ukrainian side, the commission arrived and started to work,” he said.

In the same time Mikhail PodolyakAdvisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, stated that Kyiv does not trust international organizations, including the IAEA, the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

But can and should Moscow trust? Can the results of the visit be considered positive? Yes, the experts recorded the facts of the shelling, but refused to name the culprit. Considering that there is an anti-Russian consensus in the West that claims that Russia is shelling itself, they will, of course, say that the shelling of the ZNPP was carried out from Russian positions and accuse not Kyiv, but Moscow of nuclear terrorism.

Why was this visit necessary?

– International officials could not even notice the landing – at that time they were kept at the Ukrainian checkpoint for several hours in a row, apparently hoping that the saboteurs were about to seize the ZNPP and then it would be possible to let foreign visitors into the station to show them traces of shelling: you see, we said it was all the Russians shelling, – explains journalist, secretary of the committee of the Crimean regional branch of the OKP Sergey Kulik.

— But it didn’t work out… But the IAEA officials should have heard the sounds of the shelling of Energodar during the visit.

“SP”: “Maybe they should have presented fragments of shells that testify to their origin?” Captured saboteurs? Or useless?

– Judging by the incoming information, Rafael Grossi was shown everything he needed – both the shelled tank in which turbine oil is stored, and the roof of the special building No. 1, where the Ukrainian military struck with a 155-mm the road along which the employees of the station go to work. But to show the prisoners, I think, was problematic – it is hardly possible now to organize a conversation with the seriously wounded.

Another question is what conclusion on the results of this visit will be officially announced. Perhaps, it will not work to directly accuse Russia of shelling a nuclear power plant with iron evidence (and, as I understand it, there is a ballistician in the delegation, who can easily determine where the shells came from). The conclusion of the IAEA will most likely be streamlined – according to the principle “both ours and yours.” This is also indicated by the behavior of the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency – Grossi evasively stated that it was not clear to him whether the shelling was targeted or erroneous, leaving a loophole for the Ukrainian regime caught in the shelling of the nuclear power plant, and at the end of his visit he canceled the promised conversation with journalists.

And this is not unusual – international officials are under strong political pressure from the West. However, this has happened before. Let us recall, at least, the events of twenty years ago, when the former Director General of the IAEA, head of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) Hans Blix was looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Although traces of WMD were never found there, his reports were evasive and streamlined – international inspectors were under enormous pressure from the administration George W. Bushwho was itching to launch an invasion of a Middle Eastern country. Blix later admitted that he understood that one day they would call him from the White House and, as he put it, they would say: “Get out with your guys, now it’s our turn.”

“SP”: – Dmitry Peskov called positive the fact that the mission of the international organization arrived despite all the difficulties that had arisen. Why do we continue to coddle with them, despite the fact that they, in fact, voice the anti-Russian agenda?

— Yes, it is very good that the IAEA commission nevertheless, despite the obstacles from Ukraine, reached the Zaporozhye NPP. Firstly, Russia once again demonstrated its commitment to complying with international agreements, and secondly, the mission participants saw with their own eyes the state of the nuclear power plant and were able to draw conclusions, at least for themselves. And thirdly, the fact that IAEA employees remained at the Zaporizhzhya NPP – I would like to hope that this will be a guarantee that the Ukrainian military will not risk shelling the Zaporizhzhya NPP, because in this case, UN officials will become witnesses of the criminal actions of the Kyiv regime.

“SP”: – How much, in your opinion, is Kyiv really ready to arrange a nuclear explosion in the territory that it considers its own? Or is it all a play?

– Does this “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis”, in the expression PutinUkraine “their own territory”? I think they perceive it as the land that was given to them for plunder, and even though the grass does not grow there, Kyiv officials will always have time to board a plane flying to the West. After all, they fire rockets at residential buildings, killing people whom they call “their own.”

In the spring, they already blew up a dam that protected settlements located near the Ukrainian capital along the Irpen River from flooding, blew up dams near Izyum and Avdiivka, placing all the blame on the Russian army. At the beginning of March, a lot was said about Zelensky’s plans to blow up the dam of the Kyiv Sea, which would lead to the destruction of the Kyiv Left Bank, Darnitsa, Troyeshchyna, and then the water would rush down to the Kremenchug reservoir, the Kanev reservoir.

With a high degree of probability, we can say that the Zelensky regime will not stop at the atomic Armageddon. Even if we ensure the safety of nuclear power plants, there are three more nuclear power plants in Ukraine with which they can blackmail the world: Rivne, Khmelnytsky, Chernobyl and South Ukrainian in the Nikolaev region. And if the IAEA employs officials who are not indifferent to the fate of their countries, the fate of mankind, and who want to live to old age, they are obliged to help us in this.

— Do not forget that Western countries are the main financial donors for the IAEA, — says Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations Pavel Feldman.

– Obviously, the experts of this organization, who went to inspect the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, received a clear instruction not to lay responsibility for the impending nuclear catastrophe on Ukraine under any circumstances. The IAEA inspectors will carefully look for suitable language to describe the current situation. Their statements will be very vague and extremely streamlined.

On the positive side, the shelling of the nuclear power plant should stop during the visit of the IAEA delegation. Accordingly, the threat of a nuclear apocalypse in the heart of Europe will weaken somewhat. In addition, as part of the inspection procedure, authorized representatives of a large international organization will be able to communicate directly with Russian nuclear scientists and the military. They will get first-hand information about the current situation, and not from news releases on the BBC channel or tweets of Ukrainian politicians.

“SP”: Mikhail Podolyak said that Kyiv does not trust international organizations, including the IAEA, the UN and the ICRC. Why? After all, they are, in fact, silent about the facts of the shelling, playing along with Kyiv?

“Kyiv no longer trusts anyone, including a significant part of its own political elite. Apparently, they anticipate that the IAEA delegates will not find objective evidence of Russia’s guilt in the situation around the nuclear power plant, and authoritative experts will not dare to openly lie to the entire world community (despite their desire to whitewash the Ukrainian side). And of course, Kyiv is depressing by the fact that representatives of an international organization officially visit territories not controlled by Ukraine, thereby endowing local administrations with additional legitimacy.

“SP”: Should Russia continue to trust these organizations? Maybe just stop working? They won’t say anything good anyway…

— Now, as in the issue of grain exports, it is important for Russia to show its openness to dialogue with the international community on security issues. The composition of the IAEA expert group is not limited to representatives of unfriendly Western countries. There are delegates from Jordan, Mexico, Serbia, China. There is no point in doubting their objectivity. However, the commission is likely to refrain from any political statements. It will confine itself to ascertaining the technical condition of the nuclear power plant and assess the degree of threat to its operation.

“SP”: How do you think the situation around ZNPP will develop?

“You have to understand that public opinion, heated by the revanchist rhetoric of the Ukrainian media, is pushing the Armed Forces of Ukraine to offensive actions and shelling of Russian positions. In the case of the ZNPP, all parties to the conflict need a mutually acceptable cause for a ceasefire. The visit of the IAEA delegation is just such an occasion, which is why it is so important to ensure the permanent presence of foreign observers at this dangerous facility. While they are there, the Ukrainian military will keep their ardor in check. However, the transition of the IAEA mission to a permanent format of work will mean freezing the front in the south of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

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