Oct 14, 2020
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The husband of self-immolating Nizhny Novgorod journalist Irina Slavina promised to restore the work of her agency KozaPress

The spouse of the Nizhny Novgorod journalist Irina Slavina, who committed suicide, who was pressured by the security forces, said that he would continue her case. He intends to resume the work of the media KozaPress, founded by Irina.

The husband of the deceased, Aleksey Murakhtaev, is sure that KozaPress will not disappear. "In six months, I will have to become the official owner of Irina's media. I have a relationship with media, to put it mildly, remotely. Therefore, it will be necessary to somehow debug the system so that all this would be on the rails and work without me and without Irina. I think this is important because it is her memory. KozaPress will exist and its editorial policy will not change. How else to live? " he told Novaya Gazeta.

According to Alexei Murakhtaev, “living in Russia is good, but in the Russian Federation it’s bad.” “And I have a feeling that every year it gets worse. I think: there should be some kind of turnover of power. Because each of us individually is now, in principle, a normal person. then a flock. Why this happens, I do not know. But we need to find out. There are no other options, "he added.

As a reminder, on October 2, the editor-in-chief of KozaPress, Irina Slavina, committed self-immolation near the building of the Nizhny Novgorod Ministry of Internal Affairs, leaving a note on Facebook before that: "I ask you to blame the Russian Federation for my death." At 6 in the morning of the same day, the security forces came to her with a search in the case of an “undesirable organization.” Although Slavina walked through it only as a witness, they confiscated all her equipment and even notebooks, in which she made notes during press conferences. The journalist said that during the visit of the security forces, she, naked, had to dress under the supervision of an unknown woman. Before the search, Slavina was fined several times - not only for "fakes", but also for "disrespecting the authorities" because of the post about a memorial plaque to Stalin in the town of Shakhunya (70,000 rubles) and for organizing an action in memory of Boris Nemtsov (20,000 rubles).

The suicide of Irina Slavina caused a wide resonance, journalists and human rights activists demand to initiate a criminal case on bringing to suicide and abuse of office by the officers who conducted the search. Open Russia, the Memorial Human Rights Center and the Public Verdict Foundation demanded an end to the practice of intimidating searches of persons disliked by the authorities.

The pressure on the journalist began after the "material about the FSB"

As Alexey Murakhtaev said, one of the KozaPress publications mentioned the Federal Security Service. It was after this that Irina Slavina's family faced threats and persecution.

“Irina had some material about the FSB. And from that moment some pressure began,” the husband of the deceased noted. “The car's wheels were cut twice. Administrative cases, sucked from the finger. For example, for a post on the Internet, in where she quotes her own note posted on her own resource - you will receive a fine of 20 thousand. And this is the average salary in Nizhny Novgorod. By and large, probably garbage, but in this spirit it all happened all the time. We tried to somehow smooth it out , scratched their turnips: what to do? I work in a small house management company, not a millionaire at all. People helped, of course, threw off - Irina was already known in Nizhny.

According to Aleksey, 12 people, including three openly armed SOBR fighters, conducted the ill-fated search in the apartment. “We were looking for brochures, something else, some documents of Open Russia, but in the end we realized that there wasn’t a damn thing. But all the same, they took all the phones, computers, we had to change passwords everywhere and buy new phones. we studied until the evening. Well, the next day what happened happened, "said the man.

According to Alexei, first his daughter called him and said that "she had a mother, she left all the money and cards with the words: tell my father." And then the son called and said that he had received information about the self-immolation of a woman near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Alexey immediately went there. "There is a fenced area. A bunch of police. Nobody says anything. Even now, until now, no one officially informed me that my wife was dead. The police did not come to me with this, did not contact me. Officially, I do not know anything about what happened, although Irina had a passport, documents. Maybe they had a shock, maybe they even still have a shock, but this does not justify them in any way, "he added.

Irina Slavina did not come to work in the media right away. At first, she worked at school as a teacher of the Russian language and literature. “At first she was interested. And then she didn't have enough money. Some kind of framework began to appear in education, she felt that she was burned out. She decided to do journalism,” Alexey said.

According to him, "Irina had principles that she never violated." “On principle, she opened her Koza (KozaPress - the site of Irina Slavina, which she conceived as an uncensored source of news about Nizhny Novgorod. - Approx. "Novaya Gazeta"). It was about eight years ago, if not more. Before that, she was sitting for a year and a half without work, she was not allowed to write the truth, and suddenly it dawned on me. Friends from Facebook helped. They made me think. Like, if you want to write the truth, be yourself. "

Gradually, KozaPress gained its own audience, for many the publication became a real "outlet". “A lot of people called her, offered her materials, she looked, took them away,” Aleksey tells about his wife’s work. “Apparently, everyone felt that there is now such an outlet. People cannot be rotten, there are people who sleep. We have here, when the World Cup was held, a lot of foreigners came. And they staged a procession here. Cheerful, cool guys. And then Nizhny woke up. And now he is sleeping again, everyone is so crushed by life that there is not even a glimpse. "

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