Oct 15, 2021
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The husband of Anna Pletneva was in intensive care after an accident


Singer Anna Pletneva admitted that she found out about the accident just before the concert.

It is reported that businessman Kirill Syrov, who is a co-owner of the pharmaceutical company Valenta, crashed on a motorcycle and was seriously injured. Fortunately, the entrepreneur survived, but now he is in a hospital in serious condition. The incident has already been confirmed personally by Pletneva.

Everything’s under control. Yes, he’s in intensive care“, – said the artist in an interview with the Super portal.

And this morning, the artist told Stories that she was informed about her husband’s accident before the concert of the Vintage group. The team presented a new show at one of the metropolitan venues, so Pletneva had to go on stage and work out the entire performance, but she refused to communicate with the fans and immediately went to the hospital to her husband.

Anna Pletneva
Anna Pletneva

Please forgive me that I didn’t come out, I know that you were waiting for me. Just before the concert, I learned the sad news about my family, and you understand that I had no opportunity to be with you afterwards … I also want to apologize to those to whom at the end of the concert I did not say “thank you!”. Honestly, I almost didn’t understand anything.“, – the singer addressed to the subscribers.

Recall that Anna Pletneva married Kirill Syrov in 2005, while still a soloist in the Lyceum group. The couple have two children – a son, Cyril, and a daughter, Maria. In addition, the singer has an eldest heiress from her first marriage – 18-year-old Varvara.

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