Jan 6, 2022
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The husband maintains a detailed list of all marital quarrels.

list of spousal fightsRarely does a married life go without quarrels, even small ones. But we are all used to dealing with the consequences of disagreements in different ways.

list of spousal fights

Someone will go for a walk or jog to blow off steam, someone will prefer to whine and complain about their soul mate in the company of friends and girlfriends. But the husband of the heroine of this story acts differently. Once, a woman who shared her experiences on social networks saw a strange document on her computer. It was a list detailing all their fights over the past year, even the smallest. Worst of all, the lady cannot even ask her husband about the list, because it turns out that she was rummaging through his computer without asking.

list of spousal fights

Internet users could not console our heroine. They are sure that her experiences are not in vain, and keeping such a list is a huge “red flag” indicating that the relationship of the spouses may burst at the seams.

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