May 30, 2022
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The hostess told how to quickly grind parmesan to a state of powder

how to grind parmesan fastMany gourmets who sprinkle their food with Parmesan love to have this cheese ground to a powder.

how to grind parmesan fast

You can, of course, buy ready-made powder, but many people prefer to save money and grind a piece of cheese themselves, facing such difficulties as tedious rubbing of Parmesan on graters, subsequent washing of these graters, and damaged fingers. But the hostess named Georgie Halfakri acts differently – she uses a blender. Parmesan, crushed with the help of a useful kitchen unit, turns into “flour” in a matter of seconds.

how to grind parmesan fast

Georgie’s advice delighted many cheese lovers, but there were also people who believe that the lady did not “invent the wheel” at all – this method of grinding is not news. In addition, there are quite a few gourmets who are not impressed at all by the hostess’ trick, because they do not like powdered parmesan, and they prefer cheese flakes. But here it remains to admit that there is no comrade for the taste and color.

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