May 15, 2020
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The hooligans who attacked Sternenko, announced suspicion. Even the one who was killed

An SBU investigator declared suspicion to residents of the Odessa region Alexander Isaikul and Ivan Kuznetsov, who 2018 committed an attack on the leader of the Odessa Right Sector Sergei Sternenko. About this 14 in May, was reported by Ukrainska Pravda edition with reference to the SBU press service.

First, “UP” received information from two sources in law enforcement agencies, and then in the press service of the Security Service of Ukraine, which is investigating the case, the publication officially confirmed the announcement of suspicions.

The actions of the attackers are qualified as hooliganism committed with the use of a weapon or other object adapted to cause bodily harm.

At the same time, Kuznetsov was killed during the incident having received a stab from the Sternenko with a knife in the abdominal cavity, and Isaikul is currently abroad.

What do these SBU actions mean and how can a suspect be declared dead?

- In this case, it may not be about handing over - from hand to hand - but about announcing a suspicion. This is the basis for further actions, ”said lawyer Alexander Sirota in a commentary by the CP in Ukraine. - The prosecutor announces the suspicion, the case against the deceased is closed due to the death of the suspect. The second defendant is put on the wanted list.


According to the investigation, in the evening 24 May two attacked Sergei Sternenko at his home (Fontanskaya Road in Odessa). They found a man with stab-cut abdominal wounds. Sternenko admitted that he had inflicted a “mortal stab in the abdomen with a knife”. It is noteworthy that Sternenko led a stream from the scene of the attack.

Subsequently, it turned out that the deceased - Ivan Kuznetsov, a soldier 25 - 1st Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 25 year of birth.

In November 2018 of the year, the victim reported to the police about surveillance, and Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said that the case of the attack on Sternenko was transferred from Odessa to Kiev.

- His case was taken from Odessa due to suspicion of certain corrupt and personal ties between the attackers and individual law enforcement officers. It was entrusted to the central apparatus of the investigation of the Security Service of Ukraine, - said the representative of the GPU.

Recall that earlier the then general prosecutor Ruslan Ryaboshapka transferred the Sternenko case to the Security Service of Ukraine in defiance of a court decision that quashed a similar decision of the previous head of the GPU, Yuriy Lutsenko.

At the same time, the police are investigating the death of the attacker as a premeditated murder. Sternenko claims to be defending himself.

In early April, ex-deputy prosecutor general Viktor Trepak said that Irina Venediktova had told him about the need to inform Sternenko about the suspicion. After that, Trepak resigned.

Subsequently, Venediktova stated that Sternenko’s suspicion would be announced. The only question is qualification: killing or killing if the limits of the necessary defense are exceeded.

Sternenko 14 May He reported that he was summoned to the SBU on 15 May to participate in investigative and procedural actions. He admits that suspicion will be announced to him that day.


Attack on Sergei Sternenko: murder or self-defense

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