Aug 14, 2022
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The homeless will be sent to reservations

The homeless will be sent to reservations

The authorities of the largest cities in the United States are discussing plans to relocate all the homeless from city streets to special camps.

So, in Miami, such a shelter is already being created on the island of Virginia Key, where the sewage treatment plant exudes a terrible stench. The nearest bus stop from the proposed homeless settlement is two miles away. Almost no one lives on Virginia Key, there are clouds of mosquitoes and rats. The island is covered with dense vegetation. Because of the cheapness of the land, he was chosen as a reservation for the homeless poor fellows. In addition, they are easy to block there.

The number of candidates for resettlement reached 1525 people. They are going to equip them in large tent-type barracks. They will be equipped with air conditioning, showers and toilets. In addition, a plan is being considered to build small houses on the island. Those who refuse to leave their rookeries in the city and move to the island will be arrested.

In New York, too, they thought about how to deal with homeless vagrants. The crisis has reached such a pitch that tins of some sort of ham, considered the cheapest food, began to be placed in closed plastic containers to prevent theft. One such bank costs about 4 dollars. The same boxes contain jars of tuna, sardines and soup. Similar measures have been taken with regard to toothpaste and soap. Soon all goods here will be sold with similar precautions due to widespread theft.

For the year, the number of robberies in New York increased by almost 40 percent. The police arrest the same people, who are forced to go out into the street, where they commit new crimes, often with the use of firearms.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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