Sep 21, 2022
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The history of the creation of the premium brand Nailfactor

Nailfactor is a Russian brand of premium professional cosmetics for manicure and pedicure.

The products are hypoallergenic, of high quality and suitable for regular use. Nadezhda Stepanova, an entrepreneur, founder of international nail-brands, owner of a beauty salon, a network of stores for materials for nail service masters and a school of masters, told about the history of the trademark.

How was the brand idea born?

Working in the nail industry, Nadezhda Stepanova noticed that there were no materials on the market that would suit her in terms of quality. Some time later, she released her first brand, which was far from the only one. Later, a talented specialist introduced the masters to other proposals that quickly gained popularity in professional circles.

Nailfactor is a collection of developments over the entire existence of our brands. It contains all the best for manicure: from the bottle to the chic raw materials.

The Nailfactor brand is about the master’s love for himself, which is expressed in getting daily pleasure from working with our product, from touching a delicate velvety bottle to lightly applying varnish,” says Nadezhda Stepanova, founder of international nail brands.

Difference from other brands

Nailfactor was created in compliance with all criteria of the premium segment. Gel polish is very dense, applied in one layer, which reduces its consumption. A bright beautiful bottle attracts the attention of the client.

This is not just a material for manicure and pedicure, but a combination of scrupulous work on every detail of the product and the boundless love of the creators for their creation.

The history of the creation of the premium brand Nailfactor

Who is Nailfactor for?

The brand is aimed at professional craftsmen who provide their services in salons or at home.

Where is the brand sold?

Nadezhda Stepanova has her own network of retail stores and online sales with delivery. Products can be purchased at Nadezhda Stepanova’s Beauty Empire, a multi-brand store of professional cosmetics and materials for nail technicians, make-up artists, eyebrow artists, and eyelash extensions. In addition to a network of its own retail stores, products are actively sold at retail outlets from official representatives in Russia.

How have the sanctions affected sales?

“At first, many were frightened by the situation and began to buy. The store quickly emptied, but soon everything was back to normal. Because we are manufacturers, we can handle price spikes without sacrificing quality. We are working every day to improve the situation, and so far we have been able to maintain a leading position among competitors. Nailfactor is a young brand. But, despite all the difficulties, it is rapidly gaining momentum,” emphasizes entrepreneur Nadezhda Stepanova.

The history of the creation of the premium brand Nailfactor

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