Aug 18, 2022
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The Hill: green energy has ruined Europe

The coming winter could be deadly for Europeans

The upcoming deadly winter is the result of Europe’s own energy experiment. If the Green New Deal also prevails in the US, combined with inflation, cuts in fossil fuel production, and a reluctance to buy Russian oil or natural gas, several hundred thousand people risk freezing to death on the continent this winter.

“Although purchases of Russian fuel (which before the start of the special military operation in Ukraine provided Europe with 15% of natural gas) by the countries of the continent stopped mainly this year, the seeds of the current energy crisis in the EU were sown many years ago,”

– writes the American edition Hill.

Unsuccessful attempts to replace traditional energy sources with environmentally friendly sources have led to disastrous consequences.

“For example, Germany, under its own version of the Green New Deal, spent $150 billion on renewable energy, but the result was only that the country’s energy prices were among the highest in the world, and wind energy production in early 2021 fell by a quarter. By rushing to move away from nuclear power and fossil fuels, former Chancellor Angela Merkel and her successor Olaf Scholz made the country virtually dependent on Russian energy resources for years.”

– says the author of the article Christine Tate (Kristin Tate).

After the disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima” in 2011, Berlin decided to dismantle its nuclear power plants. This led the country not only to become dependent on Russian fossil fuels, but also to burn coal (often Russian) on a large scale and increase CO2 emissions.2. Now Germany is trying to reverse its earlier decision and extend the operation of its nuclear power plants, while resuming the operation of coal-fired plants, the publication reports.

France and the UK have banned fracking, the extraction of gas by hydraulic fracturing, over the past five years.

The United States has been making up for the shortage of natural gas in Europe for almost a decade. America’s declining production means that the options to save the day are more than limited.

This winter, the commitment to green politics, combined with reckless idealism, will cost many lives. About 200,000 of these deaths are recorded annually throughout Europe, and for each decrease in temperature by 1 ° C, their number increases by 1.5%.

A very cold winter and a sharp deterioration in permanent heating could trigger a six-figure increase in excess deaths across the continent. Regions with large urban populations will suffer the most. They are less able to provide themselves with firewood as a backup source of heat.

“If in the US the fight to accelerate the transition to unreliable and costly clean energy sources or the ban on fracking is successful, we may face consequences comparable to what our European counterparts received as a result,”

– says the author Hill.

Green policies have hurt many countries. After implementing its own version of a progressive energy economy, inflation in Sri Lanka reached over 50%, and 85% of farmers lost their crops due to the replacement of fertilizers. The Sri Lankan government was overthrown by protesters. In addition, a country that used to be self-sufficient in rice is forced to import it.

Industrialized countries are not immune from a similar fate. The average American family is already suffering from lack of energy.

“Maybe green energy will someday lead us to a utopian future, but it won’t happen any time soon.

The coming winter, which could lead to deaths in Europe, should serve as a wake-up call for the US. Europe’s optimistic but ultimately ineffective energy policy is brewing what could be the biggest energy crisis of our time. For the sake of demonstrating “virtue”, people across the continent are being threatened: in conditions of low temperatures, they are threatened with food shortages and, possibly, high mortality.

Despite the Biden administration and progressive politicians doing everything possible to destroy the country’s energy production, American capitalism is coping and thriving – at least for now.

concludes the edition.

Our comment: The Hill article, in general, is almost true: the transition to green energy for Europe turned out to be a utopian project, which did not prevent European companies from making great money, for example, on Ukrainian green projects (this resulted in a direct robbery of the already meager budget of Ukraine).

But behind the whole truth of The Hill are the ears of the very American capitalism that “does and thrives.” And he is ready to turn his shoulder (and at the same time open his pocket wider) to freezing Europe. Hence the article and the figures of speech about the rejection of Russian energy sources, and hints of a deadly cold winter, which is already creeping up unnoticed, and light speculation that the United States may not save the position of the Europeans if shale gas production is limited in the States themselves. At the same time, along Biden with “progressive politicians”, The Hill drove very thinly, as far as it is possible for an asphalt paver.

Well, Europe, which cannot dare to pursue its own politics, and not hang out in the wake of the American one, will continue to have to endure ridicule, kicks and clicks from the world press.

Inc. corr. FSK

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