Sep 12, 2020
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The hero of the 7th season of “the Bachelor” Anton Krivorotov fell ill with coronavirus

05:52, 09/12/2020

Several members of his music group Dr. Krivorotov also became infected with a dangerous infection, which caused the band's concert to be canceled.

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The main character of the 7th season of the show "Bachelor" Anton Krivorotov caught a coronavirus infection. He announced this the night before in his microblog on Instagram. The Star Dentist posted a publication marked "important", in which he announced the cancellation of the concert of his musical group scheduled for September 17 at the Moscow club GIPSY. This year it should have been the first and, most likely, the only performance of the collective, Anton emphasized.

Anton Krivorotov fell ill with coronavirus

“Friends, I want to make an important announcement, no matter how bitter it would be for me to report it. We are forced to cancel the September 17th concert at GIPSY and reschedule it at a later date. COVID-19 turned out to be much more insidious and cunning, as a conclusion: several people of our Dr. Krivorotov group were exposed to this disease, including me. Our big dream was to meet you again at a live offline concert, to feel the drive and unity in music. But I, as a doctor, cannot afford to expose my audience to even minimal risk - your health, the health of my friends, and all viewers who bought tickets, I put in the first place. In spite of everything. Considering that the statistics of sick people in the country has almost doubled in a couple of days, I think this decision is correct, "the musician said in his publication (the author's spelling and punctuation are given unchanged hereinafter. - Prim. line.).

In addition to Anton, several other musicians fell ill in the group.

Anton thanked the audience for the attention to his work, noting that fans from other cities were going to the concert. The musician stressed that he will announce the new date of the concert a little later. “A little advice from me personally: alas, sometimes even adherence to all the rules and distances does not save you from COVID. The disease grows stronger every day, it becomes unpredictable and practically uncontrollable by a person. Save yourself and your loved ones, health to everyone, "the main character of" The Bachelor "wished.

Anton Krivorotov shares his work with the audience of his microblog

Note that Anton performs under the pseudonym dr.Krivorotov with his team. In early July, the musician shared a new song called California (Revised). This is an updated version of a track he created with accordionist Petr Dranga. The previous interpretation was released in 2018 along with other compositions in the album "13 etazh".

Anton Krivorotov

Anton clarified that it was thanks to California that he began to engage in creative work: “The original version of the track was for me a start in my serious passion for music and became the first conscious work in music. In the new version of the track California (Revised) everyone will find something close and familiar, I'm sure. " Krivorotov decided to release another version of this track due to the fact that listeners' interest in the original version did not fade away. The updated song puts more emphasis on the lyrics, and the musical composition becomes more melodic.

Barbara Pino and Anton Krivorotov

Recall that in the final of the seventh season of the show "The Bachelor", the protagonist of the project, Anton Krivorotov, chose Cuban Barbara Pino as the winner. Immediately after the finale, the couple went on a joint live broadcast to demonstrate to the public that they are still together, although about six months have passed since filming. Nevertheless, the press now and then discusses rumors about the separation of lovers.

In the middle of summer, Barbara only fueled rumors of a breakup in the couple, having deleted almost all pictures with Anton from her Instagram microblog. Because of what, fans began to worry and attack her with questions about what happened. The girl emphasized that her microblog on Instagram is used, rather, as a work page. That is why she tries not to publish personal photos, including with Anton.

Barbara Pino and Anton Krivorotov

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