Sep 17, 2020
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The health condition of 66-year-old Boris Moiseev, who had a stroke, worsened

17:12, 09/16/2020

Friends of the artist said that he also had problems with finances.

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Boris Moiseev suffered a stroke in the winter of 2010. Doctors made every effort to improve the artist's condition, but at the end of December, the singer, whose left side of the body was paralyzed, it was decided to enter into a coma and connect to a ventilator. In February 2011, Moiseyev was discharged from the hospital. He appeared in public several times, but he had to forget about working in the previous intensive mode. It is known that Boris Mikhailovich has problems with speech.

Today it became known that Moiseev's acquaintances sounded the alarm. According to them, the artist's condition has noticeably deteriorated in recent years. “Boris, as far as I know, is now in a grave condition. I just recently talked with his close friend. Moiseev is bedridden, lying ... There is no light in his state of health ", - lawyer Tamara Pukhova told reporters. The lawyer added that health problems are not the only difficulties in the life of Boris Moiseev. According to the lawyer, the singer now lacks material support. All worries about the ailing artist were taken over by a relative of Boris Mikhailovich, but he does not have enough money for all the expenses.

66-year-old Boris Moiseyev's health condition worsened

“He doesn't have such a big pension. And everything that we managed to accumulate earlier was spent on treatment. Boris has no outside help. I spoke with a man who is part of his family. He is aged and cannot bear all the expenses. And why Boris's star friends do not do this is not clear. Moreover, Moiseev needs very little. Sick people do not eat as much food as healthy people do. They eat little, they only need attention and care ", - added Tamara Pukhova in a conversation with "Interlocutor".

It is worth noting that in May of this year, Boris Moiseev himself said that he did not need money. The artist added that he supports himself independently, and also receives assistance from the state - a pension and an additional payment from the mayor of Moscow. Moiseev clarified that now he does not need as much money as he needed before, since his lifestyle has changed markedly. “The fact is that I don’t have the expenses that I had before. I don't need to buy a Prada coat for 12 thousand dollars. It doesn't make any sense. And there are enough funds for the necessary purchases. I went to Jurmala for the summer and bought something, ”Moiseev admitted.

66-year-old Boris Moiseyev's health condition worsened

Boris Mikhailovich said that he had money left from the sale of a house in the Moscow region - they provide him with a financial cushion. The artist added that he easily said goodbye to the house, as he bought it, succumbing to the fashion for buying country cottages. It is also known that Moiseev had to part with some antiques and jewelry. - they were sold at auction. In addition, there were rumors that the singer had sold his elite housing in Dubai, however, the stars presented stated that Moiseyev never had real estate in the UAE.

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