Jun 3, 2022
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The head of the Saratov region creates a headquarters for supporting industrial enterprises

Today, June 3, the Acting Head in his telegram channel of the Acting Governor announced the creation of a headquarters to provide support measures to enterprises of the subject that produce industrial products.

The decision was a response to data on a significant decrease in the industrial production index for the reporting period of the first four months of 2022 (through April). According to official data, the figure was 88.8% compared to the level of 2021.

The worst situation was in such groups as the production of sausages, about 55%, bed linen 66.1%, sets for kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms, as well as furniture with a wooden frame – 42.4%.

But growth would be noted in such areas as the production of meat and semi-finished products from it, almost 109 and 112%, respectively, flour and cereals, 152 and 135% of last year’s figures. Separately stood out the growth of building materials. Safety glass 163%, ceramic brick 122%, blocks 113%, ready-made concrete – more than 148%, special equipment by more than 3 times (300%).

At the same time, the problems in the constituent entity of the federation were not hushed up, even gas production amounted to 98% of the level of the previous year, and in oil there is a drawdown to the level of 94.6% (or 5% less than in the past 2021).

The head of the Saratov region creates a headquarters for supporting industrial enterprises

The manufacturing industries opened by German business in the Trans-Volga region (on the lands near the former republic of the Volga Germans), where a number of carriers of German culture still live, remained important for the subject. But in 2022, a similar business, such as the production of Henkel Rus, announced its intention to leave the country.

The government decided not to hush up the problem, but to recognize it and start taking measures to solve it.

In order to maintain existing business projects, develop projects in the field of import substitution, search for partners, investors, markets for finished products and inclusion in new production chains, a support headquarters is being created at the subject level.

The industrialists themselves came up with such an initiative to the officials. Business wanted to have a direct communication channel and a platform where they can voice issues that need prompt response measures. The government will create a single official information resource to search for partners from other regions. Also, through the headquarters of the enterprise, they intend to talk about the presence of administrative barriers and barriers that need to be removed for successful development.

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The assembled industrialists assured that they did not intend to reduce production and workforce.

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