Nov 16, 2021
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The head of the People’s Republic of China called on the United States to fulfill international obligations

Chinese President Xi Jinping, during a conversation with US President Joe Biden, said that Beijing and Washington must fulfill their international obligations, as well as strengthen communication and cooperation, according to China Central Television.

He stressed that the parties must coexist peacefully and respect each other. In addition, according to the Chinese head, in order to combat global warming and the coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to ensure “a healthy and stable Sino-American relationship.”

Xi Jinping added that China and the United States are at a key stage in their development and are “the two largest economies in the world.”

In turn, Joe Biden noted the importance of international cooperation in key areas. He confirmed that interaction is necessary to deal with global challenges, and then expressed the hope that next time he will meet with his Chinese counterpart in person.

The US President also said that Washington and Beijing must do everything possible so that rivalry between the two countries does not lead to conflict.

“Only simple, direct competition”, – quoted the words of the politician agency Reuters.

The talks between the President of the United States Joe Biden and the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping are being held in a virtual format. Earlier, the media reported that the online summit will be dedicated to the creation of a bilateral dialogue on nuclear weapons and a number of other issues.

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