Nov 5, 2021
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The head of the Czech Senate: there is no reason to deprive Zeman of powers

The head of the Czech Senate, Milos Vystrchil, said that there was no reason for the deprivation of the powers of President Milos Zeman. Reported by RIA Novosti.

Vystrchil studied the results of the meeting of the medical consilium, which monitors Zeman’s health. They indicate that the Czech president is capable of performing certain work duties. The head of the Senate expressed the hope that Zeman’s health will improve.

The President of the Czech Republic has been undergoing treatment at a military hospital in Prague since October 10. After 8 days, Vystrchil published a letter sent to him by the leadership of the CVG. It indicated that the president is incapable of performing his official duties, and the likelihood of his return to work is unlikely. For this reason, members of the constitutional commission of the Czech Senate proposed to begin the procedure for temporarily depriving Zeman of his presidential powers. Sessions of the upper house of parliament on the topic of the president’s health were scheduled for November 9.

Earlier it was reported that Zeman promised to soon appoint a new government.

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