Oct 13, 2020
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The head of the Cypriot parliament suspended his duties

The head of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Dimitris Sillouis, suspended his duties He officially announced this on Tuesday, October 13, writes TASS.

The politician's decision is related to the scandal surrounding the citizenship-for-investment program, which was launched in 2014, when the Cypriot economy was in deep recession. As the journalists found out, during the issuance of the so-called "golden passports" there were violations. As a result of the journalistic investigation, the police are conducting checks on 42 citizens.

The President of the Cyprus Parliament will cease to act from October 19 until the investigation is completed.

Note that the Cypriot authorities have decided to suspend the issuance of "golden passports" from November 1. In addition, seven people who have already received citizenship in exchange for investment will be deprived of it.

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