Dec 28, 2020
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The head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation told who is interested in a weak ruble

The head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Elvira Nabiullina said that not everyone in Russia is interested in a strong national currency. She herself stands for the ruble, “which is determined by the market.”

There are businesses and people, those who are interested in a strong ruble, a lot of a strong ruble, and there are those who are in a weak ruble. For example, our exporters are interested in a weak ruble, – explained she is on the air with Sergei Shnurov on the RTVI website.

Nabiullina called the current situation, in which “this is how the ruble changed its relation to the dollar,” not entirely normal. According to her, people are annoyed when prices rise.

The head of the Central Bank noted that at some point one has to make a choice in politics between managing the exchange rate of the national currency, the rate of price growth or inflation.

And many countries, this is most countries have chosen, and we have chosen <...> that it is necessary to manage inflation to keep it low, consistently low, – said Nabiullina.

Earlier wrote that Artyom Tuzov, executive director of the capital market department of the investment company Univer Capital, advised Russians not to sell currency while it is growing in price. He explained that in the current situation, one should focus on buying the dollar when its rate is below 80 rubles, and the euro is below 90 rubles. The moment when the rates of these currencies exceed the indicated levels can be regarded as a signal to sell them.

The expert also noted that the ruble is falling and growing cyclically, but in its dynamics it is not able to show its previous values ​​again. That is, it is unlikely to return to 65 or 68 per dollar.


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