Sep 7, 2022
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The handwriting of doctors, changing over time and becoming unreadable, amused people

illegible handwriting of doctorsPatients often experience at least bewilderment, trying to make out the handwriting of their doctor.

illegible handwriting of doctors

Indian businessman Anand Mahindra seems to be familiar with this problem firsthand. That is why the op posted a humorous post on social media showing how a doctor’s handwriting changes over time and becomes unreadable. Starting with quite understandable letters, Anand finished with a straight line, which corresponds to the working handwriting of a specialist doctor.

illegible handwriting of doctors

Anand often intrigues Internet users with funny and quirky posts, and this time he made people laugh. However, not everyone was inclined to laugh at the doctor’s handwriting – especially the doctors themselves. Many commentators explained that during the working day they have to do so much writing that calligraphy is not up to it. Perhaps the problem is not handwriting at all, but the fact that doctors are forced to write so much instead of treating people.

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