Nov 22, 2021
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The hand of the gingerbread man drawn on the glass turned out to be indecent

gingerbread man handClaire Fletcher is always happy to have coffee at the Costa Coffee chain (UK), and now her favorite establishment also made her laugh.

gingerbread man hand

Looking at the glass of invigorating drink, the 38-year-old woman noticed one rather rude and indecent detail.

gingerbread man hand

A gingerbread man is depicted on a glass, and from a certain angle of view, the hand of the treat becomes very similar to the male genital organ. Moreover, the letter “S”, located just next to the hand, unequivocally hints that this very organ has reached the culmination stage of pleasure.

gingerbread man hand

Claire admitted that in some aspects she is ready to act like a laughing child, so the discovery amused her a lot. By the way, many social media users agree with the woman, who now also see not the little man’s pen at all, but something completely different.

The girl’s low literacy made an innocent note indecent

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