Sep 4, 2022
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The Guardian: Military adventure in the Kherson region could cost Zelensky his own army

The Guardian: Military adventure in the Kherson region could cost Zelensky his own army

Photo: AP/TASS

Western journalists working on the Ukrainian front line were convinced that the “counteroffensive” in the Kherson, Mykolaiv and Zaporozhye regions was originally a fake. On the other hand, the Russian offensive in the southern direction – which is not loudly shouted about – is proceeding with a deadly plannedness for Zelensky.

“The Russians are not afraid of us… We have absolutely no weapons,” they whine in the Ukrainian trenches

British journalist Isabelle Koshiv from The Guardian on the eve of the “counteroffensive” was at the forefront and talked with Ukrainian soldiers. Absolutely all of them were sure: Kyiv is not capable of making any breakthrough – there are no forces, no means, only propaganda.

“There is no counteroffensive and there won’t be. There may be an imitation, but there will be no real one. We have absolutely no weapons,” The Guardian quotes one of the soldiers who has been serving on the border with the Kherson region since March.

– The Russians feel completely comfortable in their positions … They are not afraid of us; there is no reason to be afraid of us. For every missile we launch, they launch 50, 40, 30. We don’t have offensive equipment. You can’t go on the offensive with HIMARS alone,” says another fighter.

The British journalist notes that Ukrainian soldiers are strictly forbidden to talk to journalists. Even from Ukraine-friendly NATO countries. All comments must be agreed with the command. Censorship is personally carried out by the press secretary of the Southern Operational Command Natalia Gumenyuk. In the past, they are a Kyiv TV presenter and socialite who has nothing to do with military affairs.

It is Gumenyuk who is the author of most of the fakes about the “counteroffensive”. In particular, back in July, she stated that Ukraine had regained control over 46 settlements in the north of the Kherson region. At the same time, as The Guardian recalls, a village in southern Ukraine can even consist of one street. Moreover, most of the settlements along the contact line have long been abandoned by residents. And they do not carry any tactical, much less strategic value.

At the same time, even during the so-called “counteroffensive”, according to The Guardian, it was possible to confirm the capture of only one of the villages.

But the Ukrainian military, who were faithfully talked to by a British journalist, say that the fake “counteroffensive” is nothing more than a cover to try to stop the Russian offensive launched last week.

The Russian command is concentrating colossal forces and means to the line of contact in the Kherson, Nikolaev and Zaporozhye regions. It is not surprising that even Kyiv propagandists like Gumenyuk or presidential adviser Mikhail Podolyakrealizing the failure of their PR campaign, they quickly began to “change shoes”.

The Guardian recalls that the presidential administration of Ukraine announced a “counteroffensive” on Monday afternoon. And in the evening she retracted this statement, asking the media to exercise restraint so as not to raise public expectations. Podolyak even ordered journalists (Ukrainian, understandably, but also Western ones!) “Not to speculate” on the topic of the military operation. After all, by that time it was already obvious.

The myth of the “counteroffensive” should be stopped by the Kyiv deserters

The American edition of the Financial Times writes that Ukraine does not have the strength for large-scale maneuvers: Russia has already deployed at least 30,000 troops throughout the Kherson region. Ukrainians do not have the ability to carry out devastating artillery and rocket attacks. And in order to cover up the helplessness of their actions at the front, they loudly declare some kind of “partisan” resistance and carry out targeted sabotage. Basically, terrorist attacks.

According to the Financial Times, the “counteroffensive” was originally conceived not with a military, but rather with an information and propaganda purpose. Kyiv tried to boost the morale of Ukrainians, who massively evade mobilization and desert from the army.

Another recipient of Kyiv propaganda is the West, writes the Financial Times. Kyiv needed to demonstrate that NATO weapons are actually used, but there are not enough of them. And therefore, they say, we need new supplies.

“Orlans” erected an impenetrable wall of defense against saboteurs

A group of American journalists from the Washington Post, who work on the border with the Kherson region, also states: Russia is systematically preparing for a large-scale offensive. At the same time, Ukraine lacks the ability to conduct any significant maneuvers along the 1,800-kilometer front line.

Russian troops in the Kherson region began to transfer reinforcements to the line of contact in advance. Over the past week alone, about 3,000 troops have arrived in the Kherson region, bringing the number of Russian troops on the western bank of the Dnieper to at least 15,000, the Washington Post writes, citing anonymous Ukrainian officers.

Most of them are elite airborne troops. Local residents interviewed by American journalists say that not only Russian reinforcements are coming, but new fortifications are being created.

At the same time, the geographical advantage that Russian troops had during the rapid advance on Kherson is now proving to be a death trap for Ukrainians. Almost all southern regions are steppes. It is regularly patrolled by Russian Orlan drones, correcting their fire on any Ukrainian target that appears in the zone of view. In fact, it is an impenetrable wall of defense. And as the Russian offensive progresses, it moves further and further to the northwest.

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