Jan 9, 2022
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The groom was offended by his parents who did not offer him money for the wedding

parents did not give money to the groomThe hero of this story not only shared his difficulties on social networks, but also immediately noted that it was not about money, but that he felt like an unloved son.

parents did not give money to the groom

The man’s two sisters have already got married, and before the wedding, their parents presented them with monetary gifts. The amounts were not disclosed, but they are supposedly quite generous – enough for a down payment when buying a house. Now the turn has come for our hero to tie the knot, which he is going to do in May. However, no one offered him a monetary gift, and mom and dad explained this decision. The man’s bride pays off the student loan debt, and the groom’s parents suspect that the donated money will be used to pay off this loan, that is, in fact, to educate someone else’s child. The hero of this story is outraged by the favoritism that has established in his family. He is sure that he was simply given to understand that the sisters are loved more than him. The man went so far as to tell his parents that they would not be very welcome guests at the wedding.

parents did not give money to the groom

It should be noted that Internet users were not so categorical about the story, and their comments are cautious. Favoritism is evil, but maybe that’s not the point? Maybe the parents are really being cautious, not daring to spend a large sum on their future daughter-in-law? Be that as it may, but the groom is advised not to go too far and try to come to a compromise.

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