May 30, 2022
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The groom threw a cake in the face of the bride, although she urged not to do this.

Groom throws cake in bride's faceA woman who recently got married said that she was well aware that various incidents happen at weddings.

Groom throws cake in bride's face

However, the bride was philosophical about the fact that something could go wrong. What’s more, wedding incidents later become funny stories that are so fun to remember. The only request with which the girl turned to her prankster fiancé was not to throw a wedding cake in her face (there was a suspicion that the merry fellow might do this). The bride did not want to spoil her makeup and expensive wedding dress. The future spouse promised to fulfill the urgent request of his beloved woman, but at the crucial moment he could not restrain himself. The bride still got a cake in the face. As expected, the makeup was ruined, the dress got dirty, and the lady had to clean herself up. She put on a radiant smile on her face, and the holiday continued, but at the end of the wedding, our heroine threw a huge scandal to her new husband. The offended man accused the missus of being too emotional.

Groom throws cake in bride's face

Social media users, however, do not accuse the bride of anything like this. Yes, at some weddings, newlyweds can dip each other in the cake. But this is only fun if both the bride and groom agree with such a dessert tradition. So our heroine had every right to express her displeasure to her husband, albeit in a raised voice.

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