Sep 20, 2022
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The groom gave the bride the ring of his late wife

dead wife's ringThe lady, who shared her problems on social networks, was going to get married recently, but now the wedding is a big question.

dead wife's ring

The woman has known her fiancé almost since childhood, but then their paths diverged, and over the years the man managed to get married and become a widow. A couple of years ago, fate again brought the heroes of this story together, and they began to meet. Everything went well, although the woman was somewhat annoyed that the widower continually compares her with her dead wife and somewhat regrets that the new passion is unlike her spouse. But the culmination was that the groom, who gave the bride an engagement ring, chose the very jewelry that he once gave to his late wife. Our heroine does not want such a strange “inheritance”, so she ended up accepting a strange gift, and it all ended in a scandal. For several days now, the lady has not received any news from the gentleman and fears that the relationship is over.

dead wife's ring

Social media users are comforting the ex-bride, assuring that perhaps it is for the best. The widower is clearly not yet ready to take his next step in life and keeps returning to the past. A life together built on such a foundation runs the risk of quickly falling apart.

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