Jun 5, 2022
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The Greeks stubbornly mischief Russia, risking running into a blow from Iran

Pictured: The recently renamed Pegas tanker, blue in the foreground, is seen off the port of Karystos on the island of Evia in the Aegean Sea, Greece, Friday 27 May 2022

Pictured: The recently renamed Pegas tanker, blue in the foreground, is seen off the port of Karystos on the island of Evia in the Aegean Sea, Greece, Friday, May 27, 2022 (Photo: AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis/TASS)

The Greco-Persian “tanker war” broke out in the Persian Gulf. And with active Russian participation.

In that war – a lot of oddities, shades and nuances. And one is worse than the other. And almost every one of them exposes Greece in the most unfavorable light – in relation to Russia.

“One-Eyed Greeks”

Either on April 15, or on April 19 (according to various sources), the Russian tanker Pegas was detained near the Greek island of Euboea. The tanker was carrying Iranian oil. Initially, Athens’ demand for detention concerned only the Russian ship, and not its contents. Like, it used to belong to Promsvyazbank, which is under US sanctions.

If the Greeks were smarter, they would not have noticed this either. After all, Russia is not a foreign country. But they noticed. And they snitched about the incident to the owner overseas. But for some reason, they did not take into account the fact that the ship changed its owner since March 2022 (it became a Russian citizen). Or didn’t you want to? Was the desire to curry favor with the States so great that they were “suddenly blind” in one eye?

But then the Greek Antimonopoly Office intervened in the game. It ordered the release of the Russian tanker, which did not violate anything. But information from the Greek intelligence services has already reached the eyes and ears of their CIA handlers. And the next day, the United States promptly imposed new sanctions – against Russian maritime companies, including (attention!) Transmorflot. As they say, exclusively for you, and for a special pull. And the Athens court decided to confiscate the cargo of the tanker “at the request of the American side” – since it belongs to a company that has been sanctioned since yesterday. All one hundred and fifteen tons of Iranian oil.

Moreover, the court ruled not only to confiscate the cargo, but also to deliver it to the States. Why, on what basis – history is silent. It seems that the Greeks decided to kill two birds with one stone – to bend before the States and shit on their “sworn friends and bosom enemies” Persians. It’s just that some small-scale pirates, having robbed ships, decided to deliver the loot to the “common fund” of another pirate, a larger caliber. So petty yard punks, having robbed the apartment of a local district police officer, “cajole” with the loot “watching the block.”

Another “sea hyena” undertook to deliver the cargo overseas – the Greek company Dynacom on its Ice Energy tanker. The transfer of Iranian oil stolen by the Greeks to Greek ships began on May 23. And the day before, the Israeli Mossad issued a “one-way ticket” to the colonel of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Sayada Khodai. In broad daylight, in the heart of Tehran. Heavy blows of cruel fate rained down on the Persians one after another.

And the next day Joe Biden “finally decided” to leave the IRGC on the black list of terrorists (where he was included by them since 2019). Although back in March he swore an oath to exclude the IRGC from this list. And it was important for Iran. And that was the third blow. And again – below the waterline.

One must not know the Persians at all in order to believe that they will dutifully bear all these slaps in the face. Especially from the Greeks. And three days later, the light breeze of the Persian Gulf brought the Greeks “an unexpected answer.”

Marines of the IRGC detained two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf – Prudent Warrior and Delta Poseidon. The detention took place in a harsh form – with a chase across the decks, a cross-battle and a “drain” of the entire team on kicks into the engine room. During the action, the Greek sailors greatly expanded their knowledge, having learned a lot about themselves, their people, their country, their history.

According to the Iranian news agency RNA, this decision was made at the level of the top leadership of the IRGC – “due to illegal actions by the Greek authorities.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, recollecting himself, rushed about like a dilapidated lapwing. And he sent a note of protest to the Iranian ambassador in Athens in connection with the forcible seizure of ships. The Greeks called the seizure an “act of piracy” and called for the immediate release of the ships and their crews. As it was written in the note of protest, “Iran’s actions will negatively affect its relations with the European Union, of which Greece is a member.”

I can imagine how this formulation amused the Persians. That’s really what they did not care about the big bell tower (or high minaret), so it’s the image of Greece in the European Union. Little of. Wanting to sprinkle salt on fresh Greek wounds, the IRGC declared that it was “ready to detain all seventeen Greek ships that were in the bay at that moment -” if Athens does not come to its senses “.

Who will be the main beneficiary of the flaring Greek-Persian “tanker war”? As always, Americans. It’s just that Biden, somewhere since April, had to sharply quarrel with Iran, break the Iranian nuclear deal and raise oil prices to $150. Moscow, of course, does not mind. Our oil is your money.

Who remained in flight and for nothing? Greece and the entire European Union. They now buy oil at the new price. And the Greeks also have to sort things out with the Persians, who bit the bit. Not even an hour, they will demand compensation for the cost of oil stolen from them. At the new price.

But how well it all started! Greece with the imposition of sanctions was a “Trojan horse” for Europe. And this horse was filled up to the very nostrils with Russian oil.

Dozens of Greek tankers allowed Russia to increase the export of oil products to 3.6 million barrels per day (against 3.2 million barrels two and a half months earlier). Only the ports of Greece received about 900 thousand barrels every day, from where they are redirected to other countries. In total, more than half of all Russian oil products were transported on Greek tankers.

And by capturing Greek tankers, the Persians actually captured Russian oil. The only question is whether this was agreed with the Kremlin. But in any case, unforeseen complications arose on the “broken” oil route. And it’s all to blame – the desire to once again bend before the owner.

Greek smugglers have a harsh saying – “excessive deflection can become the kiss of death.” As for the fatal outcome, I’m not sure. But an Iranian “kiss” sent from the shores of the Persian Gulf will surely bring them more problems.

Thus, Greece, like Gogol’s non-commissioned officer’s widow, flogged herself. And several times.

First, it demonstrated to the whole world a complete lack of sovereignty. To begin with, Greek intelligence helpfully informed the United States about the delicate situation with oil (although it could not have done this if it wanted to maintain friendly relations with Russia and not once again quarrel with its eternal rival, Iran).

Secondly, on the orders of the United States, she actually committed an act of maritime piracy, confiscating someone else’s oil. And it would be nice to leave it to yourself! So no – again helpfully dragged her on her own hump to America. Just some kind of jackal helpfulness … Well, there is some limit to sycophancy! Apparently not for the Greeks.

Thirdly, in one fell swoop, it complicated relations with both Russia and Iran to the extreme. I would not want to be in the place of the Greeks in such a difficult situation …

Fourthly (and this is very serious), she once again demonstrated her attitude towards Orthodox brothers in faith and her understanding of Orthodoxy. Which is not. “Your three hundred Spartans sold themselves to the Americans for thirty American pieces of silver!” – the IRGC paratroopers mockingly declared in bad English to the Greek sailors, sending their tricks with kicks. Maybe they weren’t so wrong after all.

And the other day the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz At a briefing in Brussels, he said that Greece would supply Soviet-style tanks to Ukraine, and in return would receive new equipment from Germany. Through such a “circular exchange” it is planned to increase the volume of deliveries to Ukraine.

That is, the “Orthodox brothers” from the shores of the Aegean, as it turned out, supplied weapons to our enemies so that they would kill as many Russian soldiers as possible.

And immediately comes to mind the schism in the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century, the “godfathers”, the initiators and associates of which were precisely the Greeks, their position in the history of Tomos and many other disgusting things.

It is possible to build up the whole country with Orthodox churches and shrines, but at the same time remain a faithful hyena of the Protestant collective West. And when you realize this, you just want to swear with a slightly modified phrase of the protagonist from the movie “Brother-2”: “You are not my brother, Aegean nits …”.

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