Jan 25, 2021
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The Great Reset: Why Putin Accountable to Globalists in Davos?

The Great Reset: Why Putin Accountable to Globalists in Davos?

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President of Russia Vladimir Putin will speak at the economic forum in Davos (DEF), which will be held from 25 to 29 January in an online format. The Russian leader’s speech is scheduled for January 27.

Forum discussions tend to focus on key issues of common interest, including globalization, capital markets, wealth management, international conflicts, environmental problems and their possible solutions.

The discussion will be attended by heads of state and government, politicians and scientists, world business leaders from more than 70 countries. They will discuss the state of affairs in the world for 2021.

It is worth noting that no resolutions are adopted in Davos, but this platform provides an opportunity for politicians and entrepreneurs to talk face to face and establish new business contacts.

Putin has not performed in Davos since 2009. The last time he came to the forum was the prime minister of the Russian Federation. In 2011 and 2013, Russia at the WEF was represented by Dmitry Medvedev – as president and as head of government. In the rest of the years, Russia sent a delegation to Davos headed by a Deputy Prime Minister or the head of the Ministry of Economy.

Some experts believe that the participation of the leader of the Russian state can be both an attempt to find a place for Russia in a rapidly changing world, and an attempt to improve relations with the new US administration, to demonstrate openness and readiness for dialogue.

However, the United States has already made it clear that they are not ready for this.

That Joe Biden does not plan to “reset” with Russia, said the day before, citing sources from The Washington Post. According to the newspaper, the new American administration, on the contrary, is preparing “new retaliatory measures” in response to “Moscow’s aggressive actions.” At the same time, Biden plans to seek an extension of the START-3 treaty, which expires in a few days, for five years, however, apparently, this is the only positive agenda in the dialogue with Moscow, as is the dialogue itself.

“By working with Russia, we will also strive to hold it accountable for the reckless and aggressive actions that we have seen in recent months and years,” said a senior US official.

According to him, Biden intends to instruct the head of national intelligence Avril Haynes prepare a report on a range of Russian-related topics, including Russia’s alleged “interference” in the 2020 US presidential election, information that Moscow allegedly paid for US military attacks in Afghanistan, and Alexey Navalny

Nevertheless, it is obvious that Russia cannot stand aside from the rapidly changing global processes and must, at least, state its point of view, and the Davos platform is best suited for this.

– Over the past 10 years, individual characters could have changed on the forum, – notes Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Studies of the Ural State Pedagogical University Andrey Koryakovtsev

– But has his ideology changed – that’s the question? In Russia, on the contrary: the president has remained the same, but Russia and its ideology have changed in 10 years. Russia has become stronger and more independent. Its domestic economic policy is further and further from the WEF canons.

“SP”:What does this performance mean? Russian President Seeking Reconciliation With The West After Biden’s Victory?

– If Putin decided to speak at the WEF, it at least means that he has something to say. And this is hardly a search for reconciliation with the West. Russia did not quarrel with the West. It was NATO that moved to the east, not Russia to the West. Although a call for peaceful cooperation can certainly sound, it is important especially in light of Russia’s withdrawal from the INF Treaty. But this is not a search for reconciliation on the part of the offended, but elementary common sense.

“SP”:Does the world really need a Great Reset? Do those behind the WEF understand this and can organize it?

– The economy and the political sphere of modern capitalism as a whole really needs a reset in the spirit of neo-mercantilism, a welfare state and class compromises (at least). The neoliberal development model has been exhausted. However, I am not completely sure that Western governments understand this. Rather, the opposite is true: the democrats who have come to power in the United States are the least aware of this. But circumstances will force them to follow the same policies Trump tried to pursue. Just how consistent will it be?

Russia has already launched a global neo-mercantilist “reset” process. Whether anyone will follow it depends not on how much it is heard, but on how adequately the governments of foreign countries understand social needs in a given historical situation.

– The World Economic Forum is important exclusively for the West and those countries that swore allegiance to it, – convinced director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin

– Representatives of the G7 countries set out at this forum the plans and guidelines of their masters – the owners of the Federal Reserve System and the largest TNCs, representatives of dependent countries – obediently listen. Sovereign China participates in the WEF to keep its finger on the pulse of the globalists’ plans for peace.

As for countries such as Russia or India, that is, countries dependent, but depicting sovereignty, their representatives participate in the work of the WEF with mixed goals: some participants (as Gref, Chubais or Shuvalov) – in the style of “what will you please?”, Others (like Putin), in order to convey to the participants of the MEF their special position.

“SP”:Why didn’t the president speak there for more than 10 years?

– Putin was not listened to or heard at the WEF, so from a certain moment his participation on this site became senseless and even dangerous, due to the growing degree of Russophobia in the West after 2008. But now it is time to speak again. Many in the West are beginning to like Putin’s alter-globalism.

“SP”:Why does Putin want to speak there? Again to seek reconciliation with the West?

– Russia has been occupying a conciliatory position on all international platforms for 30 years. But it is useless: NATO continues to move to the East, gas and other projects of Russia abroad are blocked, the degree of Russophobia in the United States and Europe is only growing. In this sense, it makes no sense to launch another conciliatory pastoral towards the West. I think that Putin’s speech at the WEF will be addressed mainly to the leaders of those countries who understand the danger of monopolizing the world in the hands of “banksters” hiding behind the sheep’s clothing of Grandshumanism.

“SP”:Does Moscow really think that the WEF is gradually losing its importance for international contacts? After all, countries can effectively interact in a bilateral format …

– This is both true and not so. On the one hand, the WEF has completely discredited itself as a platform for equal international dialogue, showing itself to be one of the militant clubs of globalists. On the other hand, in the coming years, globalists will use the WEF even more intensively to advance their plans and twist the arms of sovereign states.

“SP”:The main session of the WEF will be devoted to the theme “The Great Reset”. What are we talking about? What kind of reboot is it possible?

– The “Great Reset” began a year ago with the pumping of the world with the coronavirus pandemic, continued with a coup d’état in the United States by falsifying the results of the presidential election in favor of globalists and libertarians. And now the globalists must present to the world the next part of their diabolical scenario to establish a totalitarian system in the world under the control of the “world government” of bankers.

The total digitalization of the world economy with the subsequent management of humanity by means of a supercomputer located somewhere in the cloud (with access to it by a narrow circle of people) – this is what is meant by the “great reset”. And yes, it is quite possible. At least the world has not yet demonstrated the ability to resist.

“SP”:If we talk about the fact that the world is waiting for some post-coronavirus reality, what will be the place of Russia in it? Will Russia still try to become its own for the West?

– As long as there is no radical change of elites in Russia, the current thieving “elite” will carry out not just a compromising, but openly treacherous position in relation to their country and their people. Last year, the Russian Federation offered only one alternative to the global scenario – a vaccine against covid of its own production. But this only means that, on the whole, Russia has accepted this global scenario – with the only proviso that Russian nouveau riches would not want to give all the profits from vaccinations to the West; they want to share.

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