Apr 27, 2021
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The great environment on April 28, 2021: history, customs and omens

The great environment on April 28, 2021: history, customs and omens

The third day of the Hot Week is coming – the Great Encirclement. The time has come to find out why he is remarkable, what events came out on this day in accordance with the scriptures and what are his customs.

On Great Wednesday, all the main prohibitions of Great Lent become especially iron-clad. This will last until Saturday. April 28 is the transitional day of the Hot Week, because in fact, at this time, Judas betrayed Christ.

Great Wednesday is the day when the anointing of Jesus Christ with peace happened. The apostles called this event the Supper at Bethany. It was a feast at Simon’s house. The elders and high priests by that time had already met the decision to kill Christ. In the same place, a certain sinner anointed Christ with peace. He himself later interpreted this as a preparation for burial. It is considered that this act is opposed to the betrayal of Judas, who by this moment had already betrayed Christ.

In the Orthodox divine service it is sung that the sinner woman stretched out her right hands, and Judas the traitor did the same. However, the woman longed for forgiveness from Christ, and Judas longed for silver coins.

On April 28th, it is allowed to eat all raw food without oil. This is the day of fasting, refraining from fun, watching TV and listening to music.

Now you can do the cleaning if you didn’t have the opportunity to lay it on Monday or Tuesday. Also on this day, many believers move to church for services or read prayers at home.

On this day, the clergy recommend that all believers confess and receive communion. This is very dignified, since the very theme of the present day disposes of it. It is worthwhile to become like that sinner who stretched out her right hands to Christ and tried to ask him for forgiveness.

If you have been heated, you must forgive the person, enrolling like Christ, who informed that Judas would betray him, but equally excused the false apostle. If someone betrays or deceives you, do not rush to cut off communication with the person and throw him out of life. This is probably only a momentary weakness in total.

National signs of this day say: if the weather is gray now, the summer will be bad, and the harvest will be poor. If, on the contrary, the weather is good, then the whole coming summer will be nice weather without cold snaps and long torrential rains.

Try to read prayers for health and forgiveness of sins on this day, help household people to solve problems. On this day, you need to think not only about yourself, but also about your family. Provide support to all who ask you for it, then the Lord will be merciful to you in the future.

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