Oct 14, 2020
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The Great Depression?

In the media there are angry and pretentious reports that people do not want to wear masks, without enthusiasm they go to self-retirement, angry that grandfathers were again deprived of opportunities, and children - a normal study. Like, pandemic, you need to understand! Unconscious and - bastards! Here, it seems to me, it was not consciousness that turned on, but something else. And this is not covid dissidence, as the “right citizens” call these things, condemning grandmothers for going to theaters (meaning a raid to identify retired spectators at the Satire Theater and Lenkom).

This is not a riot against gloved masks, but the great depression. This is not "Down with!", But "Well, to hell with him with everything!" Better a horrible end than endless horror. A colossal irritation has accumulated in society, which poured out into super-tiredness. If the “first wave” turned out to be tolerant and ... carried us out into summer and summer cottage warmth, then the current one is dead-end, gray, rolling into a gloomy winter - most likely, disgustingly slushy and snowlessly alien.

People without masks are not rebellious daredevils, they do not care, but gutted shadows. What to expect? From whom to be saved? Whom to protect? And most importantly - why? To listen again in 2-3 months about ... the tenth variation of the next "wave" of the all-powerful, insidious, and - endless covid? Cheerful activists compare the pandemic - with a big war. Like, the ancestors were hungry and scared, but you became limp from the fact that you were driven from the office to a remote location, and your grandmother was deprived of the right to travel? Oh, how obscene and capricious you are!

Yes, only in any war there is a clearly defined enemy and - that's the main thing! - the anticipation of victory shines and warms. And then - what? From one feverish woman to another and so on - until the final procession in the hearse? And the enemy is unclear. Who to fight with? Who is the "fascist"? Yes, smiling hipsters have stepped up again with ads for online courses. We again have a chance to learn a third foreign language! Hooray? And why, if the world is closed and in no hurry to open up hospitably. Reading Maupassant in the original, of course, is interesting for the first three days of "self-imprisonment", and then - what?

It is very difficult to motivate people who have been told that covid bacchanalia is a very long time or forever. With breaks and respites. Therefore, the people are having fun as they can, although they are no longer able to. Here, I read such a funny piece of advice on Facebook: if they do not want to punch the goods at the checkout, bite, break, drink and - they will punch, like cute ones. Photos of young guys are published who cut out the middle of the mask and left only the strings - and you won’t find fault: there is a mask.

Jokes are made up:

“One dog asks another:

-Why do we wear a muzzle a long time ago, and people are only six months old?

-Eka unseen! We flew into space before! "

(For those who are not in the know or suffer from memory lapses, we were talking about Belka and Strelka, who flew in 1960).

In general, everything is so bad that it is already good.

Galina Ivankina

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