Jun 17, 2022
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The Grayzone: US recruits and trains Nazis to fight Russians in Ukraine

States train militants and provide them with cover

Various U.S. government departments and agencies directly or indirectly trained and deployed Nazis and ultra-nationalists recruited at home and abroad to fight the Russians in Ukraine. gray area Director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research (PIPR) T. J. Coles (TJ Coles).

Today, the CIA, US special forces and other branches of government are training regular armed forces in Ukraine.

Nationalist White Americans are allowed to travel to Ukraine and train paramilitaries and/or receive training there.

T. J. Coles reveals links between US neo-Nazis fighting in Ukraine and the CIA and other US intelligence agencies that train militants and provide them with cover.

The US corporate media is touting prominent American white nationalists fighting in Ukraine as heroes, laundering their involvement in the killings and political violence.

Militants make their way to Ukraine under cover.

Veteran of the Iraq War Matt Gallagher reported that their trips were facilitated by agents of American intelligence. Border and justice authorities do not prevent them from leaving and returning to the United States.

I contacted some friends who work in various government positions, not so much asking them for permission in any official capacity, Gallagher said, but just wanting to know if there are any potential repercussions. The almost unanimous response to this was that as long as they (the people I trained in Ukraine) are civilians, as long as the training is focused on self-defense tactics, as long as it is not some kind of covert military or paramilitary operation, everything will be fine. Some university graduates Wake Forest in North Carolina, whose names I will not name because they work for Uncle Sam, helped me a lot in obtaining this information“.

The creation of international volunteer forces was carried out in the interests of the Azov regiment banned in Russia *.

Only well-trained veterans of the US Army are enrolled as volunteers. With a thorough check, dreamers, “combat tourists” and extremists are immediately eliminated. Secret transfer routes to Ukraine from neighboring countries are being created, writes Coles.

The number of veterans who volunteered to volunteer was not disclosed, a former army officer David Ribardo says these numbers are unlike anything seen “since World War II”.

By March of this year, there were at least 3,000 US citizens on the battlefields in Ukraine, according to some reports.

As it became known, the political wing of Azov, the National Corps banned in Russia, was associated with the American movement Rise for White Supremacy.

In addition to white supremacists, there are also members of accelerationist groups in Ukraine – that is, those who want to hasten the collapse of society in order to remake it in their own image and likeness.

In the period from 2015 to 2016 in Ukraine, they formed a paramilitary offshoot of the “Right Sector” * banned in Russia, which “had a license for death and torture.”

The Rise for White Supremacy Movement (RAM) is a network of American fascists, some of whom have been convicted of violence against left-wing demonstrators.

US intelligence agencies today practice an “open door policy” and in fact allow military veterans, volunteers and fascists to travel to Ukraine and neighboring countries to kill as many Russian soldiers as possible. The US Department of Homeland Security allows foreign volunteers and fighters to travel to Ukraine and return with minimal disruption.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, US special forces are training the National Guard and other regular units, thus providing them with an additional level of professional training.

Elissa SlotkinChairman of the U.S. Congressional Intelligence and Counterterrorism Subcommittee, said: “As a former CIA officer who spent most of his career watching foreign terrorist organizations in the Middle East, I was struck by the threat that these white supremacists pose, the vast contacts and connections they have with extremists in the United States, the minimum information that we have on these groups, and the lack of control over them by the American authorities.”

Slotkin then recommended a ban on thirteen extremist organizations, including Azov. Today, he deserves stormy praise in the Western media, and Elissa Slotkin is an ardent supporter of the massive supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army, of which this Azov battalion is officially included, the author concludes. gray area.

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In the title photo: Mercenaries from the United States, captured near Kharkovm

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