Nov 11, 2022
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The granddaughter of Sofia Rotaru was condemned by fellow countrymen for speaking in Russian


The 21-year-old granddaughter of the singer Sofia Rotaru faced criticism from fellow countrymen for the Russian language.

Beloved granddaughter of Sofia Rotaru, named after the singer, flew to the United States. The girl actively explores local attractions. She has so many emotions that she suddenly began to express herself in Russian.

Sofia Mikhailovna is terribly proud of her granddaughter. From an early age, Sonya was drawn to art: she studied ballet, dance, drawing, and music. And at the age of 7, her parents decided to introduce her to the modeling business. Fashion shows fascinated Sonechka so much that she decided to become a professional model. The star grandmother approved the choice of her granddaughter.

Sofia Evdokimenko
Sofia Evdokimenko

For the past few years, Rotaru’s granddaughter has lived in two countries: in Ukraine and in the UK. She not only was engaged in the modeling business, but also tried to record songs. True, so far she has not achieved much success in her grandmother’s business.

After the start of the conflict, Rotaru’s granddaughter does not appear in Ukraine. She lives in London and spent the summer at her grandmother’s Italian villa. And the other day, yearning for emotions, she waved to the USA. She hasn’t been to New York for four years. In America, Sonya walks a lot, goes shopping and sightseeing. The granddaughter of the legendary singer generously shares the local beauties with her fans in her social networks.

Sofia Evdokimenko
Sofia Evdokimenko – Instagram archive (banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation)

By the way, she communicates on social networks exclusively in English. But today I suddenly remembered Russian. And even began to give advice on the great and mighty. For example, how to learn a language from scratch.

Start with daily practiceSonya advised. — Sign up for group lessons. Watch cartoons every day in the language you want to learn“.

For the fact that she suddenly switched to Russian, Sonya is already actively criticized in Ukraine and even called for a fine, like Verka Serduchka. Danilko recently in Lvov not only spoke Russian from the stage, but also sang. As a result, local deputies plan to fine the artist.

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