Sep 16, 2020
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The government of the Russian Federation proposed to increase excise taxes on tobacco

At a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced his initiative to index rates of excise taxes on tobacco products higher than inflation. RIA Novosti writes about it.

In addition, the Government of the Russian Federation sees the need to increase taxation of "a number of profitable industries", for which it is necessary to change the "parameters of the tax regime on additional income in the production of hydrocarbons", revise the parameters of a number of benefits in the oil and gas sector and "increase the payment for the use of natural resources," agency.

According to Mishustin, the purpose of these plans is to provide income for the implementation of social obligations.

“Some big companies say that we only take money from oil companies. This is not the case, - the prime minister assured. “We believe that in a difficult situation, everyone should take part in solving the problems facing the country, people. This is our deliberate policy. Hence our vision of tax policy ”.

Earlier today, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that so far the authorities have not taken any decisions on raising excise taxes on tobacco.

Prior to that, the Ministry of Finance proposed to increase excise rates on cigarettes, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes by 20% in 2021. The current version of the Tax Code assumes an increase in the rate of excise duties from next year by 4%.

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