Feb 16, 2021
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The government approved a strategy for the development of the forestry complex

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved a strategy for the development of the forestry complex until 2030. This was reported on Sunday, February 14, on the website of the Russian government.

The Ministry of Finance expects that the utilization of the seized forest will help decriminalize the industry

It is assumed that the contribution of the forestry industry to the Russian economy by 2030 should double and amount to 1.14 trillion rubles. Achievement of such indicators will be possible due to complex work in a number of areas, such as the digitalization of the industry.

For this purpose, it is planned to digitize and systematize information about forests. Also, digital technologies will be introduced into other work processes related to logging, transportation, storage and processing of wood and wood products.

Other important goals for implementation are the development of reforestation mechanisms, the creation of forest nurseries, support of processing infrastructure and the expansion of the forest road network.

The key role in the strategy is assigned to the reorientation of the industry from the export of raw timber to the production of products with high added value. This will be achieved by improving the instruments of state support and adjusting the customs and tariff policy. It is expected that such measures will give impetus to the opening of new businesses and the creation of new jobs, the Cabinet noted.

In addition, forest conservation and fire fighting are recognized as a priority. So, one of the areas of work will be to improve the remote monitoring system of Rosleskhoz for the prompt transmission of information about emerging fires.

The Ministry of Natural Resources has been instructed to submit a strategy implementation plan to the government within six months, which will identify specific measures aimed at improving the efficiency of the industry.

The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers added that the approved strategy will help to move to an intensive model of forestry based on the principles of sustainable forest management, and will also serve to decriminalize the industry and ensure the outstripping growth of related industries.

In November 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, by January 1, 2023, to put into operation on a permanent basis the information system of the forestry complex, in which timber and transactions with it should be recorded.

At the beginning of October, the amount of damage caused by illegal logging amounted to 9.4 billion rubles, which is 8% more than in the same period in 2019. One of the solutions to the problem should be the emergence of a federal state information system of the forestry complex.

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