May 17, 2020
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The government admitted that it interfered with the payment of “Putin's money” to doctors

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin almost completely went bankrupt for almost two weeks in a row, demanding normal payments to doctors, wasted the local authorities, governors and officials in vain. Payments were hindered ... by a resolution of the Russian government adopted in pursuance of his order. On Saturday, this absurdity was quietly recognized by the government itself.

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A little chronology. As early as April 8, Vladimir Putin announced that payments are being introduced to doctors, nurses, nursing staff, ambulances working with patients with coronavirus infection. For three months, starting in April. For doctors - for 80 thousand, for nurses - 50 thousand and so on. These numbers have been voiced so often that everyone already knows them by heart.

April ended, May began, and complaints of medical workers sounded throughout the country: either there are no surcharges or they are mocking (in some places they paid by 27 rubles). Vladimir Vladimirovich fell into indignation: he began to demand immediate payments, to say that they stopped the “chancery”, that they stopped calculating the hours and minutes of the doctors’ work, and simply paid for the fact of the work. And ... practically nothing has changed!

There is such an anecdote about a student’s diary of observations: “If you drop a cockroach in a hot frying pan and command“ Up! ”, It runs away. If a cockroach tear off its legs, drop it into a frying pan and command “Up!”, It remains in place. Conclusion: the cockroach is listening with its feet. ”

Vladimir Vladimirovich in the situation with payments to doctors was in the role of this schoolboy. He commanded the "Pay!" and thought they didn’t hear. But they didn’t have paws.

Who cut off the paws?

The fact is that Putin’s words about the introduction of payments are not enough. You won’t come up with financial statements "Putin ordered to pay and not to count hours and minutes." Need a regulatory document. This document was the decree of the Government of Russia from 10 April No. 484 “On the approval of the Rules for the provision of 2020 the year of other inter-budget transfers ... ”

This document states that the basis for payment is the local act of the medical institution (paragraph 12 of the resolution), which indicates (subparagraph “c”) “the size of the incentive payment in accordance with the position held for the actual hours worked ”.

For the very hours and minutes that eventually led somewhere to pay off e in 27 rubles.

before a difficult dilemma faced by local officials. To pay as “Putin ordered” means to violate a government decree. You can thunder under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the misuse of budget funds.

Pay as it is written in the decree - run into the wrath of doctors and medical staff. As a result, Putin’s anger, scolding from the governor and other local officials. And then Bastrykin ordered the investigation to immediately initiate proceedings and inspections began in the regions. (I wonder what article will be excited? By 145. 1. Of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Non-payment of wages, pensions, scholarships, allowances and other payments” or, nevertheless, on misuse of the budget, is it fulfilling the requirements of the president?)

As a result, the money that came to the regions (first of billions, now still 24 billion), the doctors did not reach. Doctors were noisy, Putin was furious, an absurd performance was watched by the whole country ...

None of the officials approached the president and whispered in his ear: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, do not order the execution, tell the word to say it. We’ve done it here, let’s make noise for now, fix everything, and then ... ”

It took a month to understand why the legless cockroach did not hear. But nobody began to sprinkle ashes on his head. On Saturday, the government simply issued a modest release, “The time factor will not be taken into account when calculating federal payments to health workers.”

It refers to Resolution No. 678 of 15 May) 2020 of the year. This decree amends the April Decree No. 484. Among other things, it says: “In the subparagraph“ c ”of paragraph 12, the words“ for the actually worked time ”shall be deleted. Such a modest, inconspicuous confession.

I wonder if someone will get a “black mark” from the president, who, in fact, was framed?

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