Nov 6, 2021
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The golfer was interrupted by an alligator who stole the ball

alligator stole a golf ballKeith Williams will long remember this golf tournament held at the Windance Golf Course (Gulfport, Mississippi, USA).

alligator stole a golf ball

The field of the next blow, the player’s ball was near the pond, and a thieving alligator coveted this unexpected prey. He grabbed the ball and disappeared into the water with it – it seems utterly pleased with his little atrocity.

alligator stole a golf ball

However, Kitu’s defeat was not counted. One of the rules of the US Golf Association states that if the ball is lost due to “dangerous animal behavior”, then the player is not to blame and can take another shot from another place. True, it is not reported whether this helped the golfer win.

The ball inflicted a painful retaliation on the would-be golfer

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