Oct 14, 2020
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The godfather of Mikhail Efremov faced harassment after speaking out in defense of the artist who caused the fatal accident

18:01, 13.10.2020

Vasily Mishchenko, 65, said he would continue to support his godson, who was sentenced to eight years.

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On June 8, Mikhail Efremov, in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, provoked an accident in the center of Moscow. The 56-year-old artist flew into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square and crashed into the van of the 57-year-old courier from Ryazan, Sergei Zakharov. Mikhail Olegovich himself escaped with only bruises, but the second driver was urgently hospitalized at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute. There Zakharov died from his injuries in the accident by the morning of the next day.

It is worth noting that many actors stood up to defend their colleague in the shop. And although none of them tried to remove the guilt from Efremov, they all called for an end to the persecution against the artist, which unfolded in the public after the death of Sergei Zakharov. Among those who supported Mikhail Olegovich was his godfather, 65-year-old actor Vasily Mishchenko. In an interview with reporters, the actor then said that he was afraid for the fate of his godson - they say that the court would not send him to the colony-settlement. As Vasily Konstantinovich noted then, Efremov did not run away in order to declare on the morning after the accident that he was sober at the time of the collision with Zakharov's van. According to the artist, this behavior of the godson spoke of him as a decent person.

Mikhail Efremov at the scene of the accident

Vasily Mishchenko, as it turned out, eventually faced harassment after speaking out in defense of Mikhail Efremov, who caused the fatal accident. After all, the artist, following the example of many of his colleagues in the shop, also took the harsh sentence of Efremov hard.

“How much dirt was poured on me. And so that I die, and that I am the same, and so on. Why? Because I stood up for him, and I continue to stand up for him. Because I cannot do otherwise. I am his godfather! How is it? How? If he is my godson, then how can I betray him? How is it? Even understanding everything that happened. I am fully aware of this. But I cannot betray ”, - Vasily Konstantinovich shared in an interview with Jean-Paul Churkin, the host of the YouTube show“ Churkin LIVE ”.

Vasily Mishchenko

During the release, Mishchenko also recalled his first reaction after the news of a fatal accident involving his godson. The artist said that he was out of town when he received a message that Mikhail Olegovich provoked a serious accident in the center of Moscow while intoxicated. “But then, after all, Zakharov was still alive, that's the point,” Vasily Konstantinovich did not fail to notice. The artist added that he could not even imagine that everything would end in tragedy. He was going to immediately go to Mikhail Olegovich, but he was advised against. “It's a blast, of course. Just a shock. As time passes, already unwinding, I am calmer. And then there was a disaster. Run on the ceiling, I don't know. My heart was breaking, it was just breaking, ”Mishchenko said.

We add that Vasily Konstantinovich also spoke about the work of lawyers in a high-profile case. As you know, Elman Pashayev, who defended Mikhail Olegovich, and Alexander Dobrovinsky, who represented the interests of the injured party, were eventually accused of PR. They say that human rights defenders were more worried about interviews than their direct responsibilities. Mishchenko agreed with this opinion. According to the actor, he personally attended one of the meetings, and everything that he saw in the courtroom reminded him of the show.

Mikhail Efremov near the courthouse

Recall that on September 8, the Presnensky District Court of Moscow sentenced 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov to eight years in prison in a general regime correctional colony. The actor was also ordered to pay 800 thousand rubles of moral compensation to the eldest son of the deceased Zakharov. Now Mikhail Olegovich is in a pre-trial detention center. On October 20, the Moscow City Court will consider appeals against the artist's sentence.

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