Jul 21, 2020
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The godfather Mikhail Efremov Vasiliy Mishchenko considers the actor’s criminal

Russian filmmaker Vasily Mishchenko has explained why not think of your godson, Michael Ephraim criminal. If the artist subsequently sentenced to prison, his godfather will go there to meet.

The godfather Mikhail Efremov Vasiliy Mishchenko considers the actor's criminal

Mishchenko fears that the 56-year-old actor instead of the colony sent to the settlement that he believes is not the best option. The Director notes that Yefremov was not trying to escape the scene of the accident or deny that he was drunk. If godson will send to a colony, Mishchenko ready to see him. Itself fatal accident, the Director seems to be in great grief. At the same time, he does not accept Ephraim as a criminal, as the latter monitor the victim and plotting evil.

Told Mishchenko and that in the past also sat behind the wheel while intoxicated, which led to the accident. Since the Director doesn't repeat like that. He hoped that his godson a lot rethink. Mishchenko pointed out that Efremov with great trepidation relates to faith, and when they do something bad, then very upset.

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