Oct 25, 2021
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The goal of the gas crisis in Moldova is the blockade of Transnistria

“Chisinau implements the program of the West for the redistribution of energy flows in the region”

A Moldovan delegation consisting of two deputy prime ministers returned from Moscow without a signed agreement with Gazprom, in connection with which there is a possibility of a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies to Moldova from November 1. Representatives of Chisinau were not satisfied with a 25% discount from the market price, they insisted on a 50% discount, while refusing to recognize the debt accumulated to Gazprom from Moldova in the amount of $ 700 million. This is a debt for the supplied Russian gas to Chisinau, and not to Tiraspol, as the Moldovan media often write, assuring that Moscow demands to pay the Transnistrian debts.

Moldovan Deputy Prime Ministers Vladislav Kulminsky and Andrey Spynu motivated their request for a 50 percent discount by the lack of money in the country.

The President of the Romanian Commodity Exchange (RTB) has already promised to save Moldova from an energy catastrophe Gabriel Purice, announcing that several European gas companies are ready to supply gas to Chisinau. RTB can become the platform on which gas deals will be concluded, which “Will strengthen the energy security of the Republic of Moldova”, does not doubt Puriche. As for prices, they “will be set in accordance with supply and demand.” In general, the market will decide …

At the same time, the Romanian company Transgaz SA officially announced that the capacity of the Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, through which Romania is going to supply gas to Moldova, is designed only for the needs of the right bank of the Dniester. Romanian gas will not get to Transnistria, promised the director of the corporate strategy and management department of the operator of the Romanian national transport system Transgas Elizabeth Guide

The Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline was put into operation on October 1 of this year, its throughput capacity is up to 6.5 million cubic meters of gas per day, this amount is barely enough for Moldovan consumers. Transnistria, on the other hand, needs much more gas than Moldova, which has no large production left, while Transnistria has two large gas consumers – the Kuchurgan CHP and the Rybnitsa Metallurgical Plant.

Director of the Tiraspol Institute for Socio-Political Research and Regional Development Igor Shornikov I am sure that the Moldovan authorities purposefully create the image of a “Russian victim”.

“The crisis situation in the sphere of gas supplies to Moldova did not develop due to the negligence of the authorities, as it is presented in many media. Chisinau is carrying out a program dictated from the West to redistribute energy flows in the region. The goal is to blockade Transnistria with the subsequent expulsion of the Russian military from the region. Moldova should look like an injured party in order to first justify the increase in tariffs to the population, and then create conditions for the deployment of anti-Russian propaganda and pressure on the pro-Russian enclave, ”

– the political scientist considers.

According to him, if Russian gas supplies to Moldova are cut off, Transnistria will be the first to suffer, which will have to buy gas from Chisinau at European prices. This, in turn, will call into question the work of the Moldavian state district power station and the metallurgical plant, which will reduce the flow of funds to the budget.

“Apparently, people in Chisinau believe that in such a situation it will be possible to set political conditions for Tiraspol for the“ reintegration ”of Transnistria. And if these conditions are accepted, then the Russian peacekeepers will have to complete their mission. As long as the authorities in Moldova are showing themselves as diligent Western managers, the chances of concluding a direct contract with Gazprom are not high, ”

– stated Shornikov.

Meanwhile, it became known that Moldova signed a contract for the purchase of 1 million cubic meters of gas from Poland.

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