Jul 31, 2020
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The goal is the collapse of Russia

The events in Khabarovsk, where protests continue in connection with the arrest of former governor Sergei Furgal, a suspect in the murders, drew lively comments not only in the Russian media, but also abroad. And it is understandable, of course, why. There has long been any protest rally or strike in Russia - another reason for new accusations against the "totalitarian regime", as well as statements about the alleged lack of freedom and democracy in our country. However, this time the emphasis in Western publications about Khabarovsk is on something completely different. On what?

Here is what, for example, a certain Ilya Latypov writes on the website of the American radio station “Liberty”, analyzing the events in the city: “… Polarization is gradually increasing. Gradually, according to my feelings, everything that is somehow connected with the federal center is shifting into the category of "alien", and regional identity is strengthening. On Facebook, they began to use the flag of the Khabarovsk Territory as a background for their account, these flags are also present at rallies - in the almost complete absence of Russian ones ... A few days ago I came across a discussion that it would be good to create my own regional party that would reflect the interests of the Khabarovsk region and the Far East as a whole ... ".

Pay attention to the following phrases in the text: “polarization is growing,” “regional identity is growing,” “the flag of the Khabarovsk Territory, with no Russian at all,” as well as the word “alien” in relation to the federal center.

There is a clearly programmed desire to oppose Khabarovsk to the rest of the country and, above all, to the "federal government", i.e. Moscow. And what is this if not neatly veiled, but quite clearly visible calls for separatism, for a split in the country?

Why they are veiled is understandable. The author of the publication and those who ordered and edited it (it is clear who does it on the website of the American media) understand that direct calls for separatism and dismemberment of the country in our country are a criminal offense. Therefore, they do it so that it is difficult to grab them by the hand.

"Moscow's actions as a colonial ruler in the Asian part of Russia are one of the motives for the protests," writes the German edition of Tageszeitung. The newspaper claims that Furgal was the only politician who dared to confront the center. “This was enough for voters to make him governor. The rejection of everything Moscow in the region was already great then, ”Tageszeitung fantasizes.

“Moscow is far away, and every day it is increasingly moving away from the Russian Far East - both physically and mentally,” writes the Croatian newspaper Advance. “The Russian Far East,” she continues, “is known for its oppositional attitude. They traditionally vote en masse for those who are against Moscow and against such measures as, say, constitutional amendments, with the help of which the Kremlin wants to assert its power ... Many local young people have never been to Moscow. "

“We are against them - this message is also an expression of anger towards Moscow, located 7,000 km away, from a region that has long believed that the center treats the sky with disdain and contempt,” assures the French Mond. "By the way, the main demand of the demonstrators is that the governor should be tried before them."

And here an attempt is clearly visible to oppose the region to the rest of the country. And, by the way, where did the French newspaper get the idea that Moscow treats Khabarovsk residents with "disdain and contempt"? On the contrary, much of what has recently been built in the region is subsidies from the federal center, from Moscow.

"Go away, Moscow!" - under this heading the German radio station "Deutsche Welle" publishes a message about the demonstrations in Khabarovsk on its Russian-language website.

But the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, without further ado, published an article about the events in Khabarovsk under the headline: “Russia is tired of the Moscow authorities”, commenting on this with a photograph in which demonstrators are depicted with posters on which it is written: “We are the Far East” ...

Moreover, it is noticeable that these posters were printed by typographic method (this one was supposed to be at a spontaneous rally!), And on them the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory is painted in a different color, different from the color of the rest of the territory of Russia. Also - a clear call for separatism! Although again slightly veiled.

Exactly the same line in the coverage of events in Khabarovsk is being pursued by the home-grown fifth column of the liberal opposition, which is supported by the West. “This is a very serious call for the authorities, and it shows that the Far East, which endured, endured, endured, that it acts as a raw material appendage to Moscow, and finally said: 'Guys, you know what? Fuck you, - says Evgenia Albats on Echo of Moscow. - We want to live too. We know with you that a large part of oil and gas is located in Eastern and Western Siberia, while all this is pumped out, the lion's share of this money goes to Moscow. "

"The Khabarovsk Territory is the first region in Russia where we have a clearly pronounced surge of political consciousness, the meaning of which is to reconsider relations with Moscow," another staff commentator, Alexei Melnikov, said on Echo. And he speaks even more concretely: “Khabarovsk Territory is a special case and, considering what is happening there, Moscow should have started an urgent revision of relations with the Territory, actually endowing it with additional rights and opportunities. It is necessary to use this example as a model for the practical development of a new, formed as a federation, Russia. "

“Everyone expects that it will soon explode, that it is time to buy trunks, stock up on buckwheat and go into the woods, into dugouts,” Alexander Gorny is already just scaring at Echo. - I understand that the bread of experts and political scientists is horror stories, but what can this lead to? Maybe you need to slow down, giving an account of the possible consequences of your stories? "

It must be admitted that such a campaign, aimed at pushing the regions of Russia towards separatism, unfolded in the West and is now zealously broadcast by the liberal media in Russia by no accident. Khabarovsk generally served only as a convenient excuse, and this strategy aimed at the collapse of Russia has been developed for a long time. For example, Janusz Bugayski, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for European Policy Analysis, wrote in the American edition of The Hill last year: “The pressure is growing throughout the country. There is growing discontent with the Kremlin-appointed local governors and the fact that Moscow is appropriating regional resources. In fact, regions such as Sakha and Magadan Oblast in the Far East, which possess significant mineral resources, may well become successful states if Moscow stops exploiting them.

The new states will benefit from forging closer economic and political contacts with neighboring countries, independent of Moscow, whose federal budget is sharply reduced. Deteriorating infrastructure is driving the inhabitants of Siberia and the Russian Far East even further away from the center, which will entail increased demands for secession and sovereignty.

Given Russia's ailments, an assertive Western approach will prove more effective than a defensive response. Washington must return to the core principles that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union. To do this, it must support democratization, pluralism, minority rights, genuine federalism, decentralization and self-determination of very different Russian regions and ethnic groups ... Washington should promote regional and ethnic self-determination within the Russian Federation, ”Bugaysky points out.

How to promote? And here the American analyst gives specific advice. “To manage the process of disintegration and reduce the likelihood of conflicts crossing state borders,” he writes, “the West needs to establish links with various Russian regions and support their peaceful transition to statehood.

NATO needs to prepare for contingencies and contingencies, anticipating the dangers and opportunities that may arise from the fragmentation of Russia.

In particular, Moscow's European neighbors need to ensure sufficient security so that they can defend themselves against the most destabilizing scenarios, and at the same time prepare to interact with new entities on the rubble of Russia. "

A concrete plan has already been developed in Washington in this regard. “Some regions,” Bugaysky concretizes, “can join such countries as Finland, Ukraine, China and Japan, since Moscow in the past took away the territories of these countries by force. The republics of the North Caucasus, the Volga region, Siberia and the Far East can become completely independent states, establishing relations with China, Japan, the United States and Europe. "

Like this. Everything has already been thought out and foreseen by smart uncles in Washington. That is why those naive (and not so) residents of Khabarovsk who take to the streets today with the slogans "Moscow, go away!" or “We are the Far East,” should understand that in reality they are not advocating freedom and democracy at all, but actually participating in a campaign to incite the disintegration of Russia. Therefore, there is no need to be indignant when some people call the protesters in Khabarovsk "the hirelings of the State Department." Yes, not everyone, of course, who shouts "PitsFurgal!", Receives envelopes with dollars for this. Many, on the contrary, are simply sure that they are patriots of their land and are full of the best intentions. But as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Vladimir Malyshev

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